Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ending Bloggers Guilt #2 Finding Balance

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You came back to discuss more ways to end Bloggers Guilt
Well, you Rock for that! Grab a glass of sweet tea {or wine} and let's chat...
{you can catch up if you missed part 1 here}

This Mamma's last few weeks has been nuts {no sympathy necessary please} but, I'll share the details:

* 11 Doctors appointments this month {this momma has a special needs kid, in case you forgot}.
* That kid had surgery this morning {minor ear issues} stressful none the less. shh, she's asleep.
* Momma took on a Wedding this month, 1 bridal bouquet, 7 bridesmaids bouquets, 10 boutonnieres, and 12 table centerpieces need to be done. {not complaining about busy hands}
* Etsy Orders
* 40+ candy crosses for a friend's child's Holy Communion
* A bad little Assistant puppy was neutered last Thursday, tore out his stitches and needed emergency repair surgery on Saturday, tore them out again on Monday... had to get 2 staples and a bigger e-collar.  Must be watched like a hawk, he has proven he cannot be trusted!
* Baseball games for the little future pro {one can dream!}

So, amidst all of that this momma...
* Has a VERY dirty messy house.
* Has not had much time to be crafty {painting is my destressor}
* Has not given her Etsy shop much attention.
* Isn't posting as much as she wants about the things she wants to share.
* Has been unable to visit & party with her many friend's blogs or make the updates she's been trying to make to her designs
* Finally broke down and cried feeling like an absolute failure in life because I had no time for my blog - contemplated and decided she should just quit! 

Ugh,  Really ???

I know what you're thinking... this chicks totally lost her freakin mind!  I was starting to think she did too {lol}!  

See the problem here?

That's why I wanted to talk this week about balance.  It's a relevant topic for almost all of us. 

For help with this I turned to Maryann, the FaCe behind not one but two successful blogs,  Domestically Speaking and Power of Paint.  I asked Maryann if she any advice to share with us on juggling everything and here's what she had to say!

"I think as moms we are always struggling for balance in our lives and when you add in blogging, especially as income, it becomes another ball to juggle. When I started blogging I was trying to spend every extra minute on my blog. Now I realize I could do that and there would still be more that I could do... it's a never ending pit. I really work to make my husband and kiddos the priority. I try to schedule my posts, usually just for the coming week so I know what projects I need to work on, supplies I need, etc. That way I have something to aim for. Most weeks I don't post as often as I plan and something gets shuffled to the following week. There is just so many hours in my day and between a husband, 3 kiddos, PTA, volunteering in their classrooms and taking them to their activities. Some weeks just have a full personal schedule and that's how it is. I don't post as often, I don't pin as much to Pinterest, there is no time to make updates to my blog, etc. But I think (for the most part... there are days it freaks the controlling side of me) that I've learned to just roll with it. I know I love being creative and sharing that and I hope others love what I share, whenever that is."

Based on this and from many comments last week, it seems many of us mommy bloggers are struggling with the same thing... finding that balance.  So how do we do it, realistically?

1. Making family priority #1.
2. Planning and scheduling realistic amounts of time to work on our blogs and projects and real life responsibilities.
3. Accepting that sometimes the plans need to change and 'rolling with it'.

I hope you'll meet me back here next Wednesday for more ideas on Ending Blogger's Guilt!


Anonymous said...

I'm soooooo glad you posted this! I am feeling the exact same! (matter fact I included it in my blog post today too...which was a week overdue). We'll hang in there together! :-)

Lish said...

Every day I go through this..urgh...It's a love hate relationship I have with my blog, LOL. These are great tips Kim, thanks!

Kali at The Vintage Milk House said...

Right on! I never had a hard time falling asleep at night until I started blogging. There is always a million things/ideas running through my mind and I always feel like I should be doing it all better. In the end I end up losing patience with kids, hubby and myself. Priority #1 is family - You are so right! Thanks for another awesome post! :)

andie jaye said...

it sounds like you have perspective on it. yes, yes, yes... family first. everything else comes after. and yep, sometimes things get thrown at us and we gotta make like a ball and roll :)

Terry said...

I know exactly what you mean about blogging guilt! I'm so glad you shared this at Sunday Blog Love!

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