Thursday, June 28, 2012

Do you have Comparison Syndrome?

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My word, if I only had a brain... I'd be dangerous!

Please Please Please take a moment to pop over to Crayon Freckles Blog... I have hijacked Andie's blog today with a Mom & Boom post you won't want to miss, especially if you have children!  IWhen working with {or mothering in my case} a child with cognitive delays it's easy at times to get caught up in what I call 'comparison syndrome'.   Do you have it? 

"When working with {or mothering in my case} a child with cognitive delays it's easy at times to get caught up in what I call 'comparison syndrome'. Comparing your child's abilities to another's in an effort to mark milestones. I do it, you do it, regardless of our child's age or level of ability. It's something we all do as humans without much thought or awareness. So much of our lives are achievement based whether we realize it or not. It starts early as our children are measured by an apgar score at birth, we are measured, scored and graded as we enter our academic careers beginning in Kindergarten, our abilities are measured in our adult lives in jobs and in parenting... "

Meet me over at Crayon Freckles to find Freedom from Comparison thru Art!

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You Can Make your Wedding Cake!

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Oh yeah... I think it's time to get back to the Budget Wedding Series!
I didn't forget- Life just happened...

Let's Talk Cake today.
Yes, you can have your cake and not be so stressed over what it costs to eat it too!


Now, I'm not advocating we egg the local bakery and boycott their services.  If you have a fantastic cake in mind and you know you cannot replicate it or can't bake to save your life, by all means- go ahead and order your cake!  If you are the DIYer type and can ice a cake, I am going to tell you that you can have a beautiful cake for your day made by your hands!

Now, keep in mind... I am not a Pro, my methods may not be 'the' way of doing things but they have worked for the many cakes I have done over the years.  There are lots of great sites around with step by step directions from baking to adding that last I'll spare some of the messy details instead of trying to reinvent the wheel!

For this cake, I started with 12'', 9'' and 6'' pans.  After baking each cake, set them aside to cool slightly.

Tip 1: For the moisted cake ever... wrap in foil while still 'warm' and pop it in the freezer for a few hours!


Cut, fill and ice each layer next or for a taller cake stack and two of the same size cakes instead of cutting layers... be creative with your filling; it's the best part!  For this cake we chose strawberries and cream for the vanilla tier and cookies and cream for the chocolate tier.


Tip 2:  For a smooth surface... enlist the help of a paper towel!

Seriously, if you cannot get your buttercream icing as smooth as a bakery cake try a paper towel!  Simply set your cakes aside for a bit in a cool place to allow the icing to set a bit.  Choose a brand of paper towel that is smooth {without quilted flower} and lightly lay it on the iced surface.  Gently smooth your palm or fingers over the surface and lift off.  Don't press too hard that the icing sticks to the paper.  Simply repeat all over the cake top and sides grabbing a clean paper when the icing oils start to seep in.  I promise, you will get a very beautiful surface... sometimes smoother than the bakery's!

I've stacked cakes in many ways, both with and without the use of a cardboard base.  For this cake I chose to ice each cake on a cardboard base so they could be disassembled and cut at the wedding.  Your local craft store sells so many wonderful items to use to build your own cake... each with a just lovely price tag.  You do NOT need to spend a fortune.  Instead of using those pricey little wooden dowels - use cheap old BBQ skewers or even drinking straws!  Believe it or not, those little flimsy straws are very strong when used in numbers and standing straight up and down!


Tip 3: Use cut to size BBQ skewers or Drinking Straws to support the tiers of your cake!

After your cake is stacked you are ready for the FUN part! Now is when you can pipe a simple little border to cover those not so pretty edges... add as much of as little detail as you are comfortable with.

If you want your cake covered in buttercream roses... do it!  Gum paste and fondant are so much fun to play and work with {bring out your inner child- it's like playing with clay} they do take practice but you can do it if you set your mind to it!  There are tons of Utube videos out there to teach you.
But if all of that sounds a bit too complicated...

Tip 4: Go Faux with your Cake Flowers and trim!

Purple satin ribbon that coordinated with the bridesmaid dresses was used to cover the cardboard between each layer for this cake.  And those beautiful flowers... all silk!  I kid you not, no one could tell if they were real gum paste flowers until the got up close and personal and had to 'touch' them!  Simply cut your silk flower stem about an inch below the flower base and insert into the cake!

Now, I'm not sure if my cake would make the cover of Bride's Mag but it turned out lovely... tasted fantastic and everyone was happy!  The whole cake cost just under $50 to assemble and was gifted to my bride... a great alternative to paying $100's!

Join me next time as we assemble some simple centerpieces!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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I have just taken the pledge to make the world a more accepting and inclusive place for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities!

Words are hurtful.

As the mom of an intellectually disabled teenage daughter,
I have seen first hand the damage this word can cause.

I have watched the use of this word
my daughter's

I will never forget the utter disappointment I felt when my Boom
 was a mere 2 year old...

a close young relative; while joking with her friend about school issues
flippantly and unexpectedly
referred to a child who road the 'tart cart'.

To continue reading, please join me at Never Lose Your Sparkle.


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T4 {Tip Toe thru Tuesday} and Features!

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hello lovelies!!  welcome to tip-toe thru tuesday co-hosted by myself and Andie from Crayon Freckles!  I Cannot wait to see what amazing things you've worked on this week!

My whirlwind week consisted of Boom finding out she needed hearing aids!  Which led to a disaster of a week with the shattered self esteem of my daughter and her mommies broken heart... which then led to the announcement of my new blog, Never Lose your Sparkle!
If you would be interested in contributing a post or two - anything to help boost and raise self esteem in children, please shoot me a comment below!  It will be featured on 2 blogs!


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DIY Father's Day Gifts from Mama of Many Blessings
Cocoa Cloud Dough from Inspiration Laboratories

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Ramsign Giveaway!

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Hey T&B readers, Happy Monday to You ALL!
Things are starting to look up here at my little castle... I am a true believer that if the Lord brings you to it - He will bring you through it.  The support and genuine care you have shown to Boom and I has been utterly amazing...and I'd like to offer you a little pick me up in return!

Who'd like the chance to win a 'lil something something?

The folks over at Ramsign have contacted me and asked if I'd like to giveaway one of their signs to one of my readers... well, I thought about it for about a split second and said,
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Now that's a promise! 

Signs are so HOT right now!

They are everywhere and Ramsign is offering one lucky reader one gorgeous
enamel House Number Sign of your choosing worth up to $99...
Say What?
That's right, you choose - 1-5 numbers, any size, any design up to $99
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House NumbersHouse Numbers   House Numbers

Think Outside the box, too!

The Hubs and I are not in our forever home...
so we have chosen to have our house number sign designed with the year we were married!

Well, are you ready to enter to WIN?
let's list the ways...

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That's 4 Ways to Win!
Let's recap:
Ramsign is giving one of you a custom house number sign 1-5 numbers, your choice of style and color worth up to $99.  Giveaway is open World Wide and will run until Monday July 2nd midnight {Hey that's Boom's Birthday!}  The winners email will be forwarded to Ramsign and the designing will begin! Ramsign will then ship the winner's choice of number sign free worldwide!

Now, Go Enter!

*This is a sponsored post written for Ramsign in which I have been offered compensation via product.  Even though the owner(s) of this blog may receive compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products.  For more information please visit my disclosure page.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Never Dull Your Sparkle- Self Esteem!

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Children with special needs like my Boom often begin to realize or know that they are 'different' from other children.  It is something they may start to question and 'feel' from a young age or may begin a bit later in life.  Alexis began to sense she was 'different' somehow when she was about 10 {give or take a year}.  Frequent trips to the doctor, specialists, the need for OT, PT, speech therapies, numerous surgeries, the need for special shoes unobtainable from the corner mall, glasses, exclusion to the learning support classroom while 'mainstreamed' in school, countless meds taken on a daily basis are all just a sampling of things that take place in a SN Child's life that may leave them feeling as if they are under contant scrutiny and under the proverbial microscope. 

Even those with intellectual disabilities like Boom can have a strong sense of intuition- she just 'knows and feels' things that she perhaps cannot put into rational words.   Whether a child can express these feelings verbally or not does not mean they are not questioning their own self worth in comparison to others. 

Boom will be 16 in 10 days from today.  I have made it my life's mission to cherish, teach, and support this child in any way I can. I am very aware that many of Booms' same age peers {those without SN} are fighting their own internal battle with self esteem- this is a hard age for girls and boys despite having physical or intellectual disabilities.  At this moment, I watch my good friend's 'average' daughter suffering which breaks my heart; she seems so perfect, beautiful, and normal {for lack of a better word}!

So how do we as parents and educators learn strategies and techniques to battle low self esteem?  It is critical for the well being of all children; especially those who are aware of how their special needs
set them apart to help them cope and view themselves as the wonderful creatures they are.  So how do we do it?  I'll be discussing some of the ways I and others have worked to combat negative self esteem in the coming days.

It has been my purpose for the past 15 years and I have made it my life's mission so that my daughter and those like her...never dull their SPARKLE!

I am creating a new blog,

It is my hope to raise awareness {and in the near future- a 'Sparkle Fund' to benefit charities} for self esteem issues for children and adolescents with and without special needs.  We will discuss issues that effect our young peoples lives both positively and negatively.  A Haven for support for children and parents affected by special needs of all kinds!  I'll need your help... I am Looking for those who would like to share their story with us.  Do you have an idea or suggestion that you would like to share?  Perhaps a crafty way to help build up our kids?  Send them to me @ kimberlysminkey {at} yahoo {dot} com ASAP!  I"ll share them both here and on the other blog!

I will continue to post both here on T&B and on Never Lose Your Sparkle for a while... T&B will get back to it's craftiness very soon for those of you who share my passion for creativity... My hope is to have Never Lose Your Sparkle soley dedicated to enriching the lives of our youth and the parents who cherish them!

Won't you stop by... go ahead and follow Never Lose Your Sparkle!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Broken Mommy Heart

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The post I planned on sharing today in the continuation of Budget Weddings has been bumped.
I will be sharing that with you very soon... but today- I share my heart.

Last evening, I witnessed a scenario with Boom which broke my Mommy heart to pieces. 

The scene:
Boom, while sitting in my bedroom, was looking at herself in my makeup mirror... I watched quietly.   I had never encountered Boom so smitten with herself in the mirror before.  I was Quite amused actually as she stuck her tongue out at herself and made funny faces by opening her eyes big and wide.  She would slowly turn her head to the left then the right while opening and closing her mouth as wide as she could and scrunching her face at tightly as it would scrunch.  I hovered at the door praying that she would not see me standing there as this show was much better than any on the TV.  As I was getting ready to enter the room and announce my presence, she spoke.
Not to me but To herself.
The fact that she spoke to herself did NOT freak me out in itself... it was what she spoke that hit me like a ton of bricks.  She was saying hello to herself over and over and smiling then,
"You are a bad bad girl... yes, yes you are.
You are ugly... you have no friends."

I walked into the room, trying to be nonchalant so as not to let on that I heard her.  She turned and smiled at me, explaining happily that she was looking at herself.  She then explained that she was talking to herself too... happily explaining that the Boom in the mirror talked back too. 

I am not concerned at the mirror incident, the talking and talking back... perhaps I should be?  I do know that my daughter's illnesses also cause mental disturbances {for lack of a better word} or that her mental capacity is not able to encompass and grasp the concept of a mirror image...

What breaks my mommy heart is that she fells she is bad... and ugly.

Rewind... 5 hours earlier...

Boom and I were informed that she needs not one but 2 hearing aids.  {I will share my personal thoughts on this on a later post.} 

In the daily life of a soon to be 16 year old girl this is huge...   We spent some time together lying on the bed... mostly mommy listening to how she felt, and I tell you what she felt was not pretty.  She is sad and a little afraid of getting these devices { she understands why she needs them} but she is mostly MAD.  It broke my heart to hear her so angry with herself for needing them.  She feels somehow responsible; as if something she has done or said... has caused the need for the devices. Boom told me she was sorry... 'so sorry mommy... I'm sorry'

This is where being a Special Needs Mommy gets tough...

There is nothing I will not do, no fight I will not fight for this child.  I have performed life sustaining procedures on this child which one never dreams of performing on their 'own' child.  I've pinned my 1 year old to the ground by sitting on her to change a trach... I've performed CPR and bagged my own lifeless child in crisis.  I've wiped my daughter's blood drenched stoma after a nurse in charge of her home care nearly killed her... 

You DO what you need to DO when you need to DO it.  Then you break down later... out of sight of your child.  SN parents are awesome like that!

What I can't seem to do is make my child understand just how perfectly beautiful she is.  
That this life she has been given is not her fault!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

T4 and Features!

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hello lovelies!!  welcome to tip-toe thru tuesday co-hosted by myself and Andie from Crayon Freckles

Small Hands Creating Hope
Don't forget about the Small Hands Creating Hope project for the American Cancer Society.  so far these creative gals have raised $905 of their $3000 goal  You can find out all the details by reading Andie's post about it here.  There's still time to donate... every little bit counts!

here are the toP 2 pOSts from last week plus one of mY faVEs. don't forget to check out Andie's fave over at Crayon Freckles. if you're featured, grab a fEAtuRed button from my button page!

now for the party!
Messy Play ideas from Train Up a Child
DIY Cardboard Stackers from Meaningful Mama

PoST aNYtHiNG you've created (show me some etsy shops and giveaways!)

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Flat Lolly!

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A Whirlwind.
That is my life lately...
matter of fact I can't remember a time when I wasn't saying... 'I need a break'.  So let's try to catch up!

Father's Day was also my husband's birthday, he is officially Over That Hill!  Sorry babe!  He wanted a bike so that he could ride with the children- especially Boom {Ms Alexis} and we were able to find him one on a clearance... good deal for a nice bike.  He was happy and acting like a kid again flying up and down the street last night!

Some wonderful doors have opened for me since my last post about being "The Mom of a special needs Kid" and I feel incredibly blessed to have found a new Mom Friend who's daughter actually has been diagnosed with the genetic mutation Boom will be tested for.  To think I was so afraid of just opening that door!   You can check out my new friend Shelley - who is also a blogger- over at The Confessions of a Sleep Deprived Momma!  We just 'virtually' met over the weekend and I feel like I've known her all my life!

Boom sees the ENT again tomorrow... still having lots of pain following her surgery last month.  She had a CAT last Friday and we will get the results.  We are assuming the infection perhaps had spread to the bone behind the ear or that there is a structural defect we never knew about.  Please say a small prayer for Boom today if you can!  We continue with her 'healthy eating program'- NOT a diet!  I don't think I've really went into great detail yet about that but I will soon.  She has lost 24 pounds which is an incredible feat for someone with her Albright's Syndrome... although lots of work for us!


a little bit of fun too.

The Amazing Andie Jaye over a Crayon Freckles, well she did it again!  Andie sat her little self down and organized a Flat Me project from start to finish!  Alexis and I were honored to be asked to participate!  You may be familiar with Flat Stanley... well same concept, so  we sat last week and got to working on our Flat Me... which Boom lovingly named her "Flat Lolly".

Andie asked that each participating child decorate their own Flat Me as a reflection of themselves and if willing attach a real photo of the child's face to their Me.   Since Boom's photo's been plastered all over this blog and my FB page... we went ahead and make a copy of a recent photo.  Boom cut herself out and pasted it on.  Using some ribbons, markers and glue she decked her Flat Lolly out!



Andie did a fantastic job organizing this whole Flat Me project!  Each Flat Me will travel across America and even out of the country {ours will go to the United Kingdome, How Cool!}  to visit and be photographed with the next child in the circle.  The Host child will then write a bit in the travel journal which accompanies the Me before sending it on it's travel to the next child on the list!

Now, the girl of many nicknames... Boom, Lolly, Lu Lu, monkey, etc. decided to name her Flat Me, Flat Lolly.  When she was younger she could not pronounce Lexi and said Lolly instead... the name stuck.

I'm not sure that Boom fully understood that her Flat Lolly was leaving the house as she worked so hard decorating her.  As I prepared her envelope, she held her close to her heart and feined such sorrow!
flatlolly007 flatlolly009

Quite the actress I have here as her sorrow quickly turned to giggles and laughter!
flatlolly008 flatlolly006

Flat Lolly should be arriving somewhere in Tennessee any day now, we can't wait to see what trouble she gets into there!

Big Thanks to Andie Jaye from Crayon Freckles for inviting us to participate!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I am the Mommy of a Child with Special Needs

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I am the Mommy of a Child with Special Needs!

If you are new here you may not know that.
If you've been a long time follower you may know and may have also realized that I don't talk about it very often here on the blog... bits and pieces, but not often.

Alexis's needs are complex.  Life gets very complicated. I have learned to always expect the unexpected because there is no A proceeds to B which then proceeds to C in our world which makes explaining hard.  There is always a 'but' when explaining a condition or situation, talking to another mom about your child's cold symptoms is usually pretty cut and dry.  Cold starts, cold is treated and runs it's course and child is back on the playground.  The inevitable question, 'what does your child have?' or 'What is her diagnosis' can spur an hour and half long explanation which usually leaves the poor mom who asked overwhelmed, confused, and sure not to ask that again!

Truth be told, I am the mommy of a child with special needs but I don't know how to begin talking about my life as a SN Mom.  Where to start or how to express what I have inside so that doesn't come out a jumbled mess.  Although, I am a bit of a mess- so that may just be fitting.  Do I start at the beginning? Do I break down her many medical issues one by one at risk of sounding like a med dictionary?  Do I not discuss those issues because they are not 'light' and 'carefree' here on the blog?

After reading an article on a new to me blog "Love that Max"... Ellen spoke today about her 'special needs mom blinders'.  She makes me realize that I am not alone in my little world here.  The thought came to me as the brightest idea I have ever had. I realize why it is so hard for me to open up.  This mom wears SN Mommy blinders too. It's those moments that I take them off and look around and compare my child to others that life truly hurts... Blinders allow me to focus very intently on a situation at hand without looking at the big picture and letting my mind wander to focus on the scary things that may be just around the bend.

I have had lots of encouragement from many people to open up and share our story... Andie Jaye from Crayon Freckles is one of those people.  Her gentle encouragement has given me the little push I needed to just take the plunge...

So I'm jumping into the icy waters feet first, No LooKin Back!  Blinders off!

I can't promise it will be perfect.  Pretty much every area of my life is NON perfect so why should my thoughts and ramblings be much different?  I can't promise it will be pretty and I certainly can't promise that I won't say or mention a thought, opinion, or feeling that may possibly offend someone -somewhere.   Truth be told... I love love love all of you wonderful people out there, but as a SN Mom it is sometimes hard to read all of your perfectly perfect blog posts where you point out the perfect activities you did with your perfect child that day.  Phew... that's off my chest.  Did I peeve anyone into leaving?  I certainly hope not because I do love you and your children... it's just... hard sometimes.

Alexis will soon be 16.  She is smart and incredibly funny.  I have know no other person who can brighten a day with a laugh like she can so keeping the blinders on, I forget she can't read past a 1.5 year grade level.  To know her is to love her.  Seriously!  This kid has empathy out the yin yang... she is quite the comforter to those who are down, distraught, or troubled, so keeping the blinders on I am able to not worry so much that she has trouble moving past simple 1st grade math.  She is astoundingly wise beyond her years in many ways as she knows, yes she truly knows, that it is what is in a person's heart that matters - not color, shape, size, age, etc.  All of these proud momma realizations make it much easier to keep the blinders on and not dwell on the fact that she is Not Perfect in this world that is so focused on perfection.

Alexis is a fragile child... she looks hearty and healthy but she is quite medically the Porcelain Doll.
There is no greater fear than the fear of losing your child.  Compound the thought and the fear with the realization that we almost lost her 3 times as an infant.  Feelings only intensify when your 'old enough to understand' child looks you square in the face and asks...

"Mom, am I gonna die?"

Alexis is being tested for another rare genetic syndrome - Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome.  A a long discussion of the so far unexplained chain of events occurring in her first 2 months of life led our Pulmonologist to believe she may be one of the only 300 worldwide diagnosed with this genetic deletion or mutation in the Phox2B gene code.  Inevitably, many more are thought to have this syndrome but many are 'lost' to SIDS - Sudden infant death syndrome which is the unexpected, sudden death of a child under age 1 in which an autopsy does not show an explainable cause of death.  Researchers discovered this disease causing gene mutation in 2003 which explains why Alexis was never tested way back in 1996.  I'll discuss this in more detail in a post to come but you can catch up with an overview I had written about here.

This diagnosis would explain ALOT!

I am afraid to have the blood work done.

The not knowing all of these years has bugged the crap out of me.  I just knew in my heart of hearts that there was an explanation and I wanted it... I wanted that so BAD!

Now that the explanation is here... sitting at the door ringing the doorbell to come in - I can't open the door.


Making a Boutonniere

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Continuing on with our Weddings on Budget DIY theme, I'd like to show you how to put together a simple boutonniere!  The simple corsage I'm sharing with you today is perfect for weddings and proms or other black tie affairs...

DIY Wedding on a Budget

To Recap, we discussed Scoring Flowers on the CheapChoosing a bouquet that reflects your style, and I've given you some tips and a tute to DIY your own bouquet

The boutonniere can also be another way to showcase your personality or that of your loved one.  The basic construction is the same... just choose florals, feathers... or how about some veggies to make yours!

Basic Construction of the Boutonniere


- Focal Flower or Object of your choice {feathers, roses, poppies, or maybe a veggie?}
- Floral Tape
- Corsage pins
- Lineman's Pliers

(Optional Supplies)
- Leaves {save money and use the leaves from the stem of florals you chose}
- Floral Wire {or go ahead and use up the stems you would discard to save some moolah like I did}
- filler flowers {smaller accent pieces}

1. Trim stems {or attach a stem} to approximately  2-3 inches in length.


2. Using your floral tape {give it a little stretch to activate the 'sticky'} place the leave stem behind the rose and wrap the tape down the stem of the rose to attach.

3. Insert a filler flower of your choice {I used purple to coordinate with the bride's bouquet} and attach it's stem in the same fashion.


4.  For a simple boutonniere stop there... but feel free to add florals, feathers, and bling to your hearts content!


Don't forget to give this tute a +1 before you go!  You'll find T&B on FB, google +, pintrest, and even twitter!  Follow along via GFC so you don't miss a thing!

T4 is still open- stop by and link your favorite project(s) of the week!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Choosing a Bridal Bouquet

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You want your wedding to be beautiful.
You want your wedding to a moment to remember.
Most importantly, you want your wedding to reflect who you are!

Whether a small gathering of close friends or a large gala affair- the decor, the dress, and the flowers you choose are a great way to add your personal flair to your special day.

{via KSDesigns}

wanna know what I just read published by a large wedding site?
I won't name names but this particular article stated that DIY flowers are a big NO NO.
Urging you to go buy flowers from a fancy schmancy florist who they say are the only one's you should trust to achieve a stunning gathered flower bouquet.
Went a little like this- DIY gathered flowers end up looking like a gathered mess.

SaY WHaT?????????
Guess there isn't much blogger luv over there... or they don't know us that well!

I've gathered a collection of beautiful bouquets to spark your imagination.
all of which
I really believe
in true blogger fashion that YoU CAN recreate!

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Go with your heart.  Choose soft colors that reflect your romantic side.

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

or traditional with a vibrant sassy twist

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

 a touch of rustic if that's what you like... add some twigs and vines
or use only twigs and vines!

or show off your slightly wacky personality with a bouquet that's as funky as you are!
Think OuTside the box and completely avoid flowers!

let your inner DiVa sing with a bouquet of BLING!

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Have a ball!

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Go BIG with a touch of Wimsey with these bountiful buds!
go glam with the addition of some fun feathers...

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Remember, no matter what type of bouquet you choose...
Be You.
Have fun.
Incorporate your style!

You can DIY your way to a lavish, beautiful wedding of your dreams!

DIY Wedding on a Budget

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and if you missed any of this DIY Weddings on a Budget series catch up here:

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