Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Father's Day Inspiration

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Father's Day is fast approaching.  A quick stroll thru blogland will reveal some wonderful ideas for that special guy in your life.  Here are just a few to check out to get those creative juices flowing.

Michell at Girl in Air will show you how to make this unique gift for dad.  He is the light of your life after all!

Christy at From Glitter to Gum Drops has another use for those fav T shirts.  Like this bag that could easily be geared to that special Dad.

She also featured another version of a T Shirt Quilt featuring soccer shirts like the one I posted here.  Seems great minds think alike!

The Blackbery Vine created this Golf Wreath for a Birthday but it would be great for that daddy who luvs golf for Father's day as well!

The possibilities on this one seem endless!  Make dad a wreath using other themes too, baseball, billiards, maybe even a football wreath!

Trendy Tree House has a collection of hand made Tshirts from over the years which are just as adorable as the children...and funny too!

Lil Luna is featuring some yummy treats this week using Oreo Cookies I'm sure Dad would luv to have.

ALSO while your out strolling Blogland be sure to stop over and sign up for the biannual handmade gift exchange hosted by craftaholics anonymous...I did!  I can't wait to get started (and

And I just KNOW how you luv a good PaRtY so be sure to stop on by to my good friend

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quilted Blanket

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Big ones, little ones...
Black, white or brown ones...

Funny ones, serious ones, sporty ones...

They are all special!

What am I talking about...you ask?

What else, but Tshirts!
Hanes Adult Beefy-T Pocket T-Shirt
I've been working on a Tshirt quilted blanket and wanted to share the idea with you since Father's Day is right around the corner.

Take those Tshirts Dad has from the closets & drawers...

You know, the ones he's worn til they are soft and comfy.  The ones he treasures so much he can't part with...and make him a quilt!

It's really quite simple.
Cut each Tshirt down into squares of the same size.
Take care to cut out the photos or numbers from the fronts and backs.
Piece togeather each square and sew into strips of 4/5 depending how long or wide you want the blanket then sew each strip to the next strip.  Sandwich a blanket size of quilt batting between the two.


A perfect one of a kind gift idea for that perfect one of a kind Dad this Father's Day!
Next I'll be sharing some other Tshirt ideas we've been working on using some more of those old shirts and even the scraps from this project!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day!  Just wanted to share a photo of our new addition to the family...

I know its blurry but I had to show you this photo...what a face!
6 pounds of pure precious

Big girl Stasha is not so thrilled!

What are you doing this Holiday Weekend? 

Linking up with some GReAT PaRTieS this week ... check them all out over there on the right. Also, Blogger is NOT being nice to me today...I have tried to leave many of you comments but keep being redirected back to the sign in page!  So, I am sorry.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hand Sanitizer for Teacher Gift

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The end of the school year is fast approaching and I haven't managed to get much done yet for our many wonderful teachers.  The teachers we've had this year deserve so very much. 

I wanted to share a very quick, very easy, very affordable way to show some thanks to those teachers. They are absolutely fabulous people.  I know, these are not exactly an idea that has not been done before...but this is my version!

The supply list for this one is quite simple!  Thank Goodness!
All you need are hand sanitizer bottles (removable labels work best).  You can even use the generic store brand for this one because you will remove all the brand labeling.  These were 99 cent bottles.
Stickers, Vinyl, Stencils, Paint...anything you can use to get a saying onto the label!  Color & saying of your choice... and some ribbon.  I used glittery pink stickers for mine.  All of our teachers this year are female.  Yeah!  'Cause you know I luv PINK and I luv luv luv anything BliNGy!

I chose 2 short sayings that would fit with the size stickers I chose.
For Austin's teacher..."Germ Juice".  He was NOT happy about the pink stickers so we comprised on the color of the ribbon.  After all, it's not for him!  Geez, boys...!

For Alexis' teacher ..."A Squirt Kills Dirt".  Wanted 'just' as squirt kills dirt, but it wouldn't fit.  Oh well, don't sweat the small stuff.

Unless you want to use some of the hand sanitizer... or take another shower...

Very simple as promised and each on cost me less than $2 to make!

Just wanted to take a moment to wish my little man a


  You are my gentle soul Austin James.  I am so very happy that God chose me to be your Momma!  I am proud of everything you have ever done and will do.  You are certainly "Awesome"!

I will be linking up this week to some fab parties.  If they are not listed below, please check my sidebar.  I am trying to list each party linked to at the end of each post, but just in case...You are all listed over on the sidebar too!  Luv you all and appreciate the party invites!

starting Tuesday
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A New Winner

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I never heard from the winner of my big 50 giveaway last week.  So as promised, a new winner was chosen tonight!  That wonderful winner was chosen by having my little man Austin choose a name from a hat...

Winner of a Custom handpainted Canvas

Andie Jaye


Crayon Freckles Blog! 

Congrats Andie!  Shoot me an email to claim your prize and we can get started on the decorative process!

10 Ways to Reduce Debt

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I spent a portion of today cleaning and organizing files.  I hate doing that!  I came across a list I had started a while back with some helpful hints to reduce and get out of debt.  It's an issue many of us deal with...myself included and we as a family are continuing to work at this.  Some of them are real NO brainers...I know, but I wanted to share a few with you!

1. Cancel Subscriptions  I have cancelled all my monthly magazine & newspaper subscriptions.  I figured anything I needed to know how to do I could find on this beautiful world wide web.  Many of you bloggers out there are who I turn to for how to's anyway!  This can save quite a few bucks. You can find almost anything, recipes, news, beauty tips...etc.

2. Use Coupons  A very popular TV show has really put this one into perspective!  I've started to use coupons faithfully since April and I've really saved some mucho dinero!  I try not to buy anything anymore unless I have one.  I made my mother a photo collage of Alexis' formal photos for Mother's day and had it printed free with an online coupon I found.  There are some really great website out there that are geared to help you get started.  My fav right now is Coupon Divas.
                  Coupon Divas
       They do all the hard work for ME!  They show me what's on    
       sale, what coupon to match up with & even what little coupon
       insert you can find them in.  They also have an online database. Whenever I can, unless I have a coupon that makes the name brand cheaper, I buy Store Brand too!  My kids & hubster can't tell the difference.  Believe me I've had plenty of parties where the foods been store brand & the compliments kept coming!

3.  Combine Errands to save gas.  I try to limit my running around to 2 days per week.  The price of gas is cRaZy right now (but I don't need to tell you) 

4.  Have a Garage Sale or put items in a consignment store.  We have a really great one that takes clothing and household items.  They take just a small percentage of your asking price.

5.  Stop Expensive Gifts.  It's pretty simple, just set smaller limits.  Shop online and look for the best deals on what you need.  You can find great deals on things with a lower price tag by shopping in some of the fab discount stores out there now!  Make a sugar scrub and download a printable label to use as a gift.  Crochet your friend a scarf.  Sew a coffee cozy for that friend whose birthday is next week!

6.  Barter for services.  Offer to babysit your friends kids for an evening in exchange for having your grass cut.  I've bartered painted canvas' for a piece of furniture. 

7.  Sell Hand Crafted Items at Craft fairs or online for profit.  Open that store on Zibbet or Etsy that you've been dreaming about.  I did...finally!  Check mine out here, www.zibbet.com/ThinkSmink

8.  Offer Services or Start that Home Business  You are good at many things...what can you do to use those talents?  Cook or shop for the elderly.  Transport an elderly person or disabled person to the doctors office.  Take a leap and start that business!  Did you know you can get free or very low cost business cards at sites like Zazzle and Vista Print?

9.  Make your own Cleaning Products!  They are better for your health as well as the old pocket book too.  Yes, you too can do this one.  There are tons and tons of homemade recipes online.  Many of you bloggers have the info in your own blogs too!  My standbys are good old white vinegar & water.  Baking soda is a wonderful abrasive and it also absorbs odors.  I sprinkle it all over my carpets before vaccuming.  Lemons are good cleaners and smell o'so fresh!  I actually use a bit of olive oil and lemon mixed to polish furniture.  It will not hurt the wood and leaves the house smelling fresh.  Pour Cola in the toilet bowl, let sit for 30 min. then brush and flush.  Sparkling clean bowl!   Toothpaste is also a great jewelry cleaner.  I usually just brush my rings after I brush my teeth every morning.
Vist Being Fugal,  you can find some more tips there too.
Being Frugal.net

10.  Give with a Pure Heart  This is the one I think I have fallen shortest on.  Yes, we give of ourselves...but probably not as much as we should.  This isn't only monetary.  There are many ways to give;  A kind word.  Your time.  Old but useable clothing and household items.  The Bible does tell us to give.  You reap what you sow.  I'm always telling hubster -'You get what you give!'  Perhaps that one isn't alway used & said with the best of intentions tho...

I hope maybe one thing on this list helps as least one person out there.  Believe me...I do NOT have all the answers and I'm still a work in progress too! 

Just wanted to add that I am not recieving any compensation for any referrals I may make in the above article.  These are just some friend to friend hints that I hope can give you a new perspective on your finances too!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Redbook Party!

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Weight Watcher's week one is now over!  I followed the plan to the best of my ability, it was hard but I pulled through it!  I was pretty happy to find that I'd lost 4.4 pounds on my first weigh in.  I have to admit,  I kinda wished it had been more but I'll own it! Yeah ME!

The best thing is that I feel pretty darn good!  Maybe it's all that fruit but I'm sure loving the increased energy!   Finally made myself get down and add a few (hundred) more staples to my bench.  I finally found some trim I like for it and I think maybe I'm going to tweak the paint just a bit on it.

 That's Stasha the wonder dog.  She's my 12 yr old American Eskimo AKA Spitz.  She's the best craftin' buddy there ever was BuT she just happens to dislike hate the PoP of the staple gun...and let's me know about it...with each and every PoP!

I have a client who wants two nightstands for a bedroom so I managed to sneak out to 'shop'.  These babies are coming home with me!  They may not be what the client needs but they are certainly what I like!  The color...unfortunately...has got to go!  Solid wood and really nice detail.  I want to start these like now!

This fabulous popcorn truck was outside of the re purpose shop today... so FaB!  Last week she had the Calliope with the pipe organ that pulls this.  Reminds me of an old fashioned carnivale. I want this by the way...I don't know what I'd do with it, but...

Got started on that $25 tile top table I got at a yard sale a few weeks ago!  Hubs actually came in just in time to takeover for me...
These tiles are so bad... but I actually felt bad ripping and breaking those tiles off when I read the back of them.  They were apparently terra cotta tiles made in Italy with the layer of ceramic on top.  They were NoT made in China (no offense China) where just about everything else is made.  I just love Italy (and cutie Italian gents- don't tell hubster) so that just made me feel a bit bad to demolish them.  This baby will be done in steps,  I'll show you in a detailed post at end or perhaps in increments.  So excited to start this one...I have plans that will shut the Debbie Downers DOWN!

It's generally been a 'good' day!  A few minutes ago I found out that I have been chosen to host a House Party...sponsored by Redbook Magazine!  The party pack will arrive here in a few weeks.  I'll share more detail in a future post with you.  I can't wait!  Good food, Great friends, yummy drinks and FreeBies...what more could a girl ask for?
REDBOOK Happy Hour House Party™
A House Party is thousands of parties across the country, hosted by people like you. Each event is sponsored by a leading brand and focuses on something cool that the sponsor wants its best fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends.

House Party

I signed up here at house party a while back and this was one of the parties that interested me. 
 Still a bit shocked that I was chosen as a Hostess! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Versitile Blogger Award

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A little while back I told you I had been given this lovely award

Andye Jay from Crayon Freckles chose me as one of her blogs to pass this on too!  Andie, I am so grateful (and a bit shocked) to get this, so Thanks for making me feel like a "RocKStaR"!

I'm really kind of quite boring (I think) and kind of an open book,
so I'll do my best to list
7 Things YOU don't know about ME !

  1. I'm a Jack of All Trades kinda Gal! I've worked as a cashier at a few supermarkets,  I've been a receptionist at a weight loss Dr's office (the advice didn't rub off), a floral designer, a Certified Nursing Assistant, a receptionist at a veterinarian, and many more...BUT I've never really allowed God's voice and plan into my life to use my creative talents...til NoW!
  2. I luv luv luv watching WWE Wrestling with my Son!  (my fav. hot man is Randy Orton!  Shhh don't tell anyone!
  3. I've always wanted to be an ArT TeaCHer!
  4. I finished 3 years of college for Elementary Ed, but dropped out to help raise my nephew.
  5.  I want to start a children's charity project...some sort of 'self esteem initiative (I don't know yet exactly what I would do) but I really want to make a difference in the lives of 'special' kids.  I want to call it the ALEXIS Initiative.
  6. My favorite food is Chicken Parm...but not with spaghetti...must have french fries (drenched in cheese & sauce)  Hence- the Weight Watchers thing!
  7. I really wish I had the GUTS to wear a TuTu and a Tiara!

Now to pass the torch!

I really think each and every Blog I follow is worthy of this award.
Feel free to check out what I'm reading.
The list seems to grow daily!  I can't get enough.

I leave you today with a little project Alexis brought home from school.  It's so cute.
Simple recycle project for just about any age.  It's a WaWa drink container made into a piggy bank.
He has felt ears, water bottle cap feet, googly eyes and a cute little curly tail.
See the tail!

As ususal I have about a million projects going at the same time.
I really am trying to finish at least one to share by the weekend!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

summer smells

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Having both children home today due to tummy trouble has thrown me off a bit from my scheduling and organizing goal.  Had a chance this afternoon to pop out to the local fruit stand.  I've been craving watermelon and since I started following Weight Watchers last week I figured I really should get some food in the house I was actually supposed to eat.  This first week hasn't been as easy as I remembered it being a year and a half ago when I tried it...
I can't even describe how good it all smells!  Lemons, apples, cherries, Georgia cantelope, strawberries, raspeberries...& more!

I even decided to just go fancy schmancy and use my crystal two tiered platter I picked up last week for an itty bitty $5.00

It all really really looks and smells so fresh!  Look who followed me home from the produce store!  I've been looking for some cute little birds all stinkin spring too.

I even grabbed a Gardenia Tree while there for on $15.  I think that was a pretty good price and it's got tons of buds ready to pop!  I am imagining long sultry evenings in the back yard by candlelight, the sweet scent of those Gardenias perfuming the air, sipping on iced tea or even a mojito made with the fresh sweet mint I planted...

...I'm back, and YES I snapped out of it!

It does sound good though...ya gotta admit!

The Hubster even planted my tomato plants in the rain this afternoon.  God bless him...poor thing!  Planted Big Boys, Better Boys and a Lemon Tomato (yellow & less acid).  We're putting in pole snap beans too!  I want them to climb all over that fence out there to create a bit of privacy.

So dinner was a mix of left overs from the last two days.  Alexis and I had stuffed chicken,  Hubster having meatloaf and potatoes,  Austin my dear had a Hot Dog.  I made this stuffed chicken on Sunday and it came out really tastey!  I stuffed it with saute'd spinich and garlic added fresh rosemary sprigs on top and baked.  Just before coming out of the oven I topped each peace with a tiny sliver of hot pepper jack cheese!  Yummmm... Low in points and calories too!

What gets you in mood for summer... what are your favorite sites and smells of the season?

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