Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Versitile Blogger Award

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A little while back I told you I had been given this lovely award

Andye Jay from Crayon Freckles chose me as one of her blogs to pass this on too!  Andie, I am so grateful (and a bit shocked) to get this, so Thanks for making me feel like a "RocKStaR"!

I'm really kind of quite boring (I think) and kind of an open book,
so I'll do my best to list
7 Things YOU don't know about ME !

  1. I'm a Jack of All Trades kinda Gal! I've worked as a cashier at a few supermarkets,  I've been a receptionist at a weight loss Dr's office (the advice didn't rub off), a floral designer, a Certified Nursing Assistant, a receptionist at a veterinarian, and many more...BUT I've never really allowed God's voice and plan into my life to use my creative talents...til NoW!
  2. I luv luv luv watching WWE Wrestling with my Son!  (my fav. hot man is Randy Orton!  Shhh don't tell anyone!
  3. I've always wanted to be an ArT TeaCHer!
  4. I finished 3 years of college for Elementary Ed, but dropped out to help raise my nephew.
  5.  I want to start a children's charity project...some sort of 'self esteem initiative (I don't know yet exactly what I would do) but I really want to make a difference in the lives of 'special' kids.  I want to call it the ALEXIS Initiative.
  6. My favorite food is Chicken Parm...but not with spaghetti...must have french fries (drenched in cheese & sauce)  Hence- the Weight Watchers thing!
  7. I really wish I had the GUTS to wear a TuTu and a Tiara!

Now to pass the torch!

I really think each and every Blog I follow is worthy of this award.
Feel free to check out what I'm reading.
The list seems to grow daily!  I can't get enough.

I leave you today with a little project Alexis brought home from school.  It's so cute.
Simple recycle project for just about any age.  It's a WaWa drink container made into a piggy bank.
He has felt ears, water bottle cap feet, googly eyes and a cute little curly tail.
See the tail!

As ususal I have about a million projects going at the same time.
I really am trying to finish at least one to share by the weekend!


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andie jaye said... made my day (and it's been a rough one)... that piggie bank is so cute! i bet she's proud of it. you really have done a lot. i think that you would make and excellent elementary art teacher :) especially if you combined it with you passion for special kiddos...kinda like an art therapy thing that could empower them and improve their self-esteem. it's so amazing that you want to help other children. let God guide you my friend. blessings, andiejaye

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