Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Goodnight Irene & {good riddance}

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You were an unwelcome guest.
You blew in with hell's fury; banging on our doors and windows.
You brought a few of your wicked tornado sisters with you to torture and torment.

For hours you continued to disturb many,
Cutting off power & pushing over 100 year old trees and utility poles like they were toothpicks.
You dumped your waters to flood many businesses and homes, including my own,
before deciding to move on.

Go goodbye and good riddance Irene
we are so glad you are gone.
You may have tested our patience and have broken our spirit for a while
but I want you to know;
although you destroyed many of our possessions and precious mementos
we will move on.
You could not take or destroy the faith or bond of this family
and that is my reason to smile!

We, like I am sure many others, were without power for almost 36 hours and lost 2 freezers full of food and almost everything being stored in our basement.  Jim & I have started the process of cleaning out by simply throwing much of our possessions up and out the basement windows.  Rubbermaid bins full of possessions were tossed and flipped around in the dank waters and destroyed.

These photos show about 1/3 of our basement contents.  About 75% of my craft stash was down there and is all lost, and yes, some of our family photos have also been destroyed.  The photos of my children when they were babies and tots is the hardest loss to swallow.  Even now I am a bit weepy, but also feeling ashamed.  So many more people have been touched by Irene.  Many have lost much much more, are still without utilities & some have lost their lives in Irene's destructive wake.

One thing I do know is that we are strong.  We will overcome this.
I will be forever grateful that we as a family were not harmed physically
and will continue to pray for others.
Possessions can be replaced, food can be bought.
The kindness of friends and family throughout all of this is humbling.
The caring of my blog family has also been extremely reassuring.
Thank You All
especially those who sent well wishes and concern via Face Book and emails with prayers and concern.  Your kindness is forever etched in my heart!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

PB Inspiration and Irene

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My sweet nephew Ryan celebrated his first birthday today with a wonderful party. 
 The kids, the MIL and my Mom made the 45 minute trek to his house this afternoon intending to stay a bit but not too long 'cause you see we are expecting company tonight. 
Her name is Irene.

She is not welcome company but she is coming non-the-less! 

So, the procrastinator in me pulled out the old paints this morning to make his gift.
What? don't judge...
Sorry, I had to wait in long lines yesterday fighting people for med refills, water and batteries.
Okay, not really... the stores are all sold out of batteries.
Water was going pretty quickly too!
I'da had to donkey kick somebody over the water...
I have never been the one to stock up on water before...but I felt it the adult thing to do.
I had alot to do outside...dictating...to the hubby... to put away patio stuff, and pool stuff, and lawn mower stuff, propane, grill and anything else I think may take flight and crash through a window.

I digress... back to the gift.
I always stress over stuff like this, especially when I wait til the last possible minute to even start a project which needs to be prepped, painted and gift wrapped in under 2 hours!

{oh WHY can't I just go to Toys R Us and buy a gift?}
That's just NOT how I roll!

He was the lucky recipiant of the painted toy box you may remember from here

After a quick browse of an old PB Catalog I was inspired.

Please pardon the horribly blurry and washed out photos...I tried with 2 different cameras and got similar results.  The only cause I can think of is maybe because the air is SO humid here thanks to good old Irene coming.

Turned out sorta PB-esque {yes, that is my new word}
All painted free hand... name and all.
I tried to replicate the type style used in the PB catalogue...

I tried to enhance the colors in this last photo for you... still not quite right but closer.

He also got a DVD to watch tucked down in the gift bag.

Fast Forward, post party
 heading home... rain and wind starting to pick up but not too bad in my Momma's Kia Car.
Smooth Sailing I'm thinkin...

Now if you follow me on FB you already know that Awesome Austin is having a very hard time with scary nature stuff like Thunder and Lightening and Tuesday's earthquake and is OH so stressed out about Irene that he will not eat and his hair is standing straight up on his head.
{nervous habit of twirling and playing with his hair}

...half way down the highway, the sky decides to really open up.  Torrential rain and wind pounding the car;  really screwing up visability.  Silently, I'm praying...just wanna get my kids home safe.
The wipers were on high and we could hardly see 2 foot ahead...then
The windshield wipers STOPPED working!

Don't worry... we are safe... and I'm actually chuckling about it now.
Imagine being blinded,  Awesome is now freaking the flip out,  My mom's asking me what I did to her wipers,  Alexis is asking how we're going to get home, the Alzheimers MIL is going on and on about Hurricane Hazel that occured years before MY birth and about Air Raid drills from I think the 40's.
Which by the way... freaked Awesome out even more!

Thankfully after about 10 minutes of standing in the downpour, trying to figure out what happened, a bit of cussing and some prayer they started to work again! 

Now, I am getting off of here and attending to my family because a Tornado Warning has just interrupted our TV viewing and advised of a possible tornado in the area.
Hubby likes to blow these things off and be so nonchalant.
I on the other hand want to be the 'safety first' mommy without freaking my kids out anymore than they are now!

Praying for those who are also going through this horrible nightmare... please say a prayer for us tonight as well {it's greatly appreciated!}


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

TooT {TuTe} Thursday - Upcycle Inspiration

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In preparation for a month of Stashbusting (and sheer avoidance of cleaning the bathroom),  I've been cruising around the web community in search of some really fantastic ideas and inspiration to tackle my hoard of craft stuff.  I was mostly looking for some ways to revamp and dress up some simple T's as is seems that's ALL Alexis wants to wear to school this year.  Big suprise... I got a bit sidetracked and found some wonderful ideas to upcycle ...of all things... soda pop tab tops. 

Perhaps crafting with pop tops AKA Eco Jewelry is NOT new to you...I've not seen this one before. 
HuMoR me...mmmmkay?  There are tons of ideas for projects to upcycle pop tabs,  Here are a few for some ultimate inspiration along with 2 cute {TuTes} to get you started...

Beautiful fashion - made from recycled garments and turned into high quality eco-jewelry

An initiative in Costa Rica has the women of
Recycle Art whipping up some TabTastic wearable art
pieces with pop tops and recycled fabric scraps

                                              (image via Recycled Art)

DuctTapeRockStar created this beautiful prom dress from over 400 pop tabs... (my that's alot of Diet Dr. Pepper in my case) and it sure is a beauty!

                                                       ( click here for image source )

About.com provides a wonderful TuTe for creating a pop top bracelet of your own using ribbon and you guessed it... pop top tabs!

Soda Pop Tab Bracelet
                                                             (image & tute via)

Make-Handmade provides a great tute for this pretty purple purse...you got it, more pop top tabs!

Just a few reminders from little old me: 

I'm offering free Ad Space here on Tiaras and Bowties... that's right, FREE!  Just send me a quick note for details.

Stop back frequently during the month of September for Stashbusting ideas!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Seasons - Autumn Reflections

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fall outdoor decor

To Every Thing There is a Season
To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die;
a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal;
a time to break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to cast away stones,
and a time to gather stones together;
a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to get, and a time to lose;
a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
A time to rend, and a time to sew;
a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate;
a time of war, and a time of peace.
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

fall decor

As the kids prepare to return to school early September, I've been itching to Autumn-ize and Fall-ify my home surroundings.  Yes, they are real words (at least here on my blog they are).  There is something very refreshing about Fall for me.  A cool crispness fills the air. Leaves begin to turn; a fiery pallette of 'look at me' beauty, their colors so rich and breathtaking.  Cravings for cinnamon and spice adorned foods return as thoughts of the upcoming Holidays dance in my mind. 

Every season has it's own unique attributes all worth embracing and enjoying; the passing of each also brings a touch of sadness.  I welcome this Autumn Season as a time for comfort and reflection.  Adding welcoming touches to my home is extrememly important, especially this year.  My family has undergone many changes this year, some good but many troubling.  A dear family friend has shockingly been diagnosed with incurable cancer with little warning that she was even sick.  A reminder that the seasons of life pass so very quickly.  So as nature begins it's wind down to slumber with an incredible display of colors and scents for our senses,  I will also fill my home and life with love.   I will rejoice and enjoy every moment.   I'm striving to beautify my home, not in the typical 'look at me' fashion, but to express a feeling worth passing on.  My hope is to make each and every visitor feel at home.  I pray for my own and I pray for you too... that as we journey through the seasons of our own life, we treasure ever moment whether good or bad and remember there will come the newborn Spring!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


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Recently, I had the opportunity to take a young girls favorite hand drawn image and transform it into a custom canvas for her room. 
Mom gave me complete artistic freedom with the peice. 

(which is fun but a bit scary at the same time)

After drawing the image as closely as possible to canvas with pencil I set out to recreate it as closely as possible.
Layer upon layer of inky black paint created all of the shading in the heart and the wings.

Although the original was all gray scale, I felt it needed a "pop".

Kind of like Tatoo Art!
So washes of crimson red were layered upon the heart.

Finally, The whole peice was lined with solid black, scrolls and dots were added, along with some solid white highlights!

Soon after, I received an email and photo from the little artist!
Holding her canvas and smiling!

That is why I do what I do... there is absolutely nothing that beats the smile of a happy child (or tween in this case)!

I know that my painting will not end world hunger or take away all the bad in the world... c'mon don't be silly!
if what I can do with a paint brush and some paint can make a child feel special for a moment, it's all so worth it!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

TooT {TuTe} Thursday

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No TooTing today... sorry.  Next week, I promise!

Taking a 'live life' day today!

Oh, wanted to let you know I finally decided to get with the program and join Pintrest!
Follow Me if you dare!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stashbusting September Challenge

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Are you up for a challenge?  I'm signing up with Pinkapotamus and T-Shirt Diaries this September to
my CrAFt StAsH!

My crap craft stash is starting to take on a life of it's own!
My craftastic To Do list is more than a mile long, not to mention all the money spent for the craft of the moment supplies... which I never seem to get a moment to do!
Now is the time!  Hop on over to T-Shirt Diaries or Pinkapotomous and join the challenge with me!

Some of the Rules:
Stashbusting September blogs are voluntarily giving up buying crafting supplies for the month of September. They promise to:
Link your blog (the main page please not an individual post) to the linky here or here. The linky will be open until September 3th at Midnight.
Craft for personal use only with items they have on hand. No buying new craft supplies, even if you are shopping at Goodwill or garage sales. It is all about busting your craft supply at hand and actually doing those projects you bought all the stash for in the first place. (Buying craft supplies for business use IS permitted)
Think of unique and creative ways to use items they were thinking of throwing out (diaper boxes to fabric covered storage bins, pencil holders from soup cans, upcycled clothing, etc.) Think outside of the box.
Try to make at least one upcycled craft item this month. Upcycled craft items from Stashbusting September can be entered into the Stashbusting contest for a rocking prize from our top secret for now, sponsor.
Proudly post the Stashbusting September button on their website so everyone knows they are busting some stash.
Check back to find out other blogs that are busting some stash.
 To be entered in the Stashbusting September contest (the link will be up September 1st) you must link your project up to the Stashbusting September link.

What are you waiting for?   Head over and sign up... join me in this challenge.  Hopefully the craft stores won't go bankrupt losing my business for just one month! 

Much love & Keep Thinkin Smink


Thursday, August 11, 2011

TooT {TuTe} Thursday 3

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I so love stalking blogland for some inspiration and happiness!  Sometimes you just find some great projects that you just want to share with the world, so c'mon... lets TooT some horns for some really great TuTes!

Boy Oh Boy do I have an absolutely AMaZinG TuTe for you this week!  Just take a look at this bit of eye candy... built by hand by Lisa at Pennington Point

I don't even know where to begin... love the rustic and romatic feel of the old burlap, the colors are to die for, a beautiful mix of patterns.  Really makes me wish I had more knowledge of power tools!

Cori Ann's Creative Living has a great idea for repurposing some old frames!  She's kinda new to blogville so pop over and share some luv!

Loving Life has a TuTe to create some gorgeous wall art.  It does not involve paint and i'm lovin' it anyhow!

Find out how to get yourself some FREE Ad space here on Tiaras and Bowties... lets spread the creative LUV all around blogland!  See here for more information lovelies!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

using AND losing my MiND!

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Using the Brain
In our house this is known as the ability to "Think Smink"
There is a certain thrill involved in the whole recycle, reuse, upcycle process.
(especially when hubby is yet again involved,  giving you the 'look')

Enter the wobbly peg leg over the sink shelf I believe I pulled from someone elses trash!
Hey, it was good wood!

So easy... remove peg legs, apply a quick coat of cream spray paint, (no prep involved here) and a quick distressing with sand paper.
Apply a quick vinyl decal purchased for a buck 29 way back from Christmas Tree Shop.

Add 2 spray painted iron candle holders and Dollar Tree bird all of similar colors,

Whaaaa Laaaaaa
(harps play, angels sing)

Soothing vignette to look at while paying the bills!

Losing the Brain
involves one 10 year old boy wanting to espress his creative side.
Austin wanted a Mohawk!
After a few minutes of Mom and Austin trying to convice Daddy that it's just hair
and that he's only young once.  At least he's not asking for a tattoo or a piercing (yet) !!!
We still have about 4 weeks til school starts here
(enough time for it to grow out)

Mommy got out the clippers!

Keep in mind, Mommy is not a hairdresser
I probably most certainly did lose my mind here a bit as we attempted the
'faux hawk'

My child's smile : Priceless!

Seems there may be benefits to both using AND losing my MiND!

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Post update 8/15/11 - family sign featured here:
(thanks so very much!)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Party Banner Bunting

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What's this? Another post from T&B in like how many days in a row?  Really?  Shut The FroNT DooR!

Well, I DID kinda tell ya I'd be coming back FuLL FoRcE...remember?  Man that depression really kicked my bumm, but lots of loose ends are being wrapped up as we speak and I'm charging toward the future like the little engine that could!

I want you to be a part of it... I need PrinCeSSes to wear a tiara for the day on Tiaras & Bowties.  Find out the details here.  It's a win win for everyone really!

So much to do so little time, I have so many new ideas... but not usually enough time in the day to get to them.  Last night I was playing with a length of scrap canvas wondering what I could do with it (the hoarder in me doesn't like to trow anything away),  I came up with the idea to make a  canvas Banner Bunting.  I so adore these for parties and have been wanting to experiment with my own: perhaps list a few in my Etsy Shop

First I cut the scrap lenth of canvas into triangles about 8 inches wide.  Then picked a few cute colors to experiment with.  I painted two plaid-ish triangles with the pink, white, lime green and spa blue, then two trianges with a Mod Retro-ish polka dot.

I wanted to do the center piece with something a bit generic.
My Teddy Bear would work perfectly for baby showers, birthday parties...
I luv him, looks so cuddly sitting there surrounded by conffetti and holding his own banner!

Each triangle was cut and threaded onto a satin ribbon where they can be adjusted to fit any length.
They are interchangeable.
Extra triangles can be added with a name, saying, more faux fabric patterns or
even a few extra bears in different poses!

Canvas has it's benefits too!

I doesn't rip like paper,
colors will not run if it gets a bit wet or damp,
Unlike fabric banners, it will not fade in the sun either!

These canvas banners allow you to get the most bang for your buck since they will last for years to come.  When your little one's next party comes around, simply reorder a new triangle to fit the new theme!  As always with Think Smink Art...imagination is the only limit!

Have a custom banner created especially for your next GaLa!

Keep Calm
Party On!

Yes, we will be showing up to party with these fine blogs here!

Wanted: Princess For the Day!

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Interested in being a Tiaras and Bowties PRiNCeSS for the Day? (yes, Prince's welcome too!) 

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Small Blogs welcome, Big Blogs welcome...and everything inbetween!

I am very interested in recruiting some guest bloggers here at T&B to share their talent with all of us here in blogville!  What I would love to do is feature talented bloggers and etsy shop owners bi-weekly here on T&B who are willing to do a guest post; a wonderful tutorial, a showcase of your talents per se, or an intro to your etsy shop.  

I would like to grow this blog and in turn help you grow yours!

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The Technical Stuff:

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Please contact me (Kim) with any questions, concerns, or for further details by leaving a comment below or at kimberlysminkey@yahoo.com.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

TooT {TuTe} Thursday #2

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Welcome back to the 2nd TooT {TuTe} Thursday!
My laptop decided it was NOT going to cooperate today, so I did not think I would be able to post.
After about 6 hours of fiddling and virus scans... I hope we've conquered the problem!
(The whole ordeal could've been a TuTe in itself)
How NOT to go into withdrawal from your laptop!

Please stop by my good friend Emily's blog where I'm guest posting today!

Emily graciously offered to help me 'make lemons into lemonade' by spreading the word about my new Etsy Shop
Emily has some really funtastic things going on over there...
Back to the TuTes...
I have a few cute little TuTes to feature from blogland this week so lets take a look.

How Joyful
Love this adorable repurposes top from How Joyful.

Copycat rug from J and J Home
You KNOW Ortie and I luv us some animal print...especially zebra.
I think I want me one of these... and now I know 'how to' thanks to this wonderful TuTe!

This is definately on my to do list!
Meijo's Joy created this spectacular peice of wall art from the most ordinary items most of us already have lying around the house!
It's incredible, so stop by Meijo's and show her some love for this winner!

Don't forget to stop and check out the new Etsy Store
Think Smink Art.
Remember,  get free domestic shipping on ALL items until the end of August using code


Thanks for TuTing with me!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It has Wings

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As usual, things are pretty busy around here.  Been working on a few 'secret' projects, trying not to think about back to school, and wondering how to fit in a low cost day of fun for the kids - at a beach or water park before they do treck back.  I'm itching to share a few things but as I said they are 'secret' projects.  If I share them, they will not longer be 'secret' mmmkay?  I can tell you that one of them has wings. 

No, I'm not talking about the feathered hair extensions or accessories I spoke of yesterday as Alexis has once again said NO!  She will not be wearing those things in her hair... When I asked her what type of clothing she wants, her fashionable little mind informed me she wants 'collared shirts'.  Excuse me as I shed a tear... seems my little girl is no longer a dress wearing, bow donning princess.  But I love her anyway!

Since I cannot (yet) share my secret projects with you,  I figured I'd share another I've done that also has wings.

You all know everyone's favorite fairy from Neverland...
She is hand cut from 3/4 inch pine wood and hand painted with exquisite detail.
Just check her out... each piece has incredible shading and highlighting that is hard to find!
Tink seems as if she has just stepped out of her latest book or movie!

She is available in my Etsy store right now!
she would make a beautiful gift for your little fairy lover.
What child doesn't like to see their name personalized (free) on items that belong to them.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Are you a FeATheR HeAD?

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Are you into the Feather Trend?  Are you a FeATheR HeAD?

When I was a teen (a young teen) Madonna had just taken center stage.  Bright, funky neon, fun clothing were everywhere.  Big clunky chunky earrings weighing about as much as a small car dangled from every girl's ears... and BIG hair made it's debut.  Accessories were huge... there was no such thing as 'less is more' at that time.  At least that's how I remember things.  I had tons of feather related hair accessories at that time too... multi colored feathers and ribbons and things suspended from leather cording and alligator clips.  Seems that some of those trends are making their way back into fashion right about now... they do say that fashion is cyclical.  What's old is new again, updated a bit, changed a little...

Anyway, it has me reminiscing and although I do not think I am brave enough (or young enough) to pull them off again, I still love them!

PUNKY ROOSTER feather extension earrings

         Joyful Gabby and Etsy shop makes some fab clips

Funky fluffy fun white blonde feather earrings with brass and silver chains, really long and flowing feathers KOZHow about these beautifully funky earrings by Etsy seller kozcreation

So I excitedly asked Lexi Lu this morning if she would like a few feather hair accessories for back to school this year.  Hey, any excuse to head to the craft store is a good one!  Unfortunately, she shot me down.   Hard and Fast.  Absolutely NOT! 

Alright, she is not the fashionista... I thought I had come to grips with this a few years ago... this child is happy in sweats and tees.  Matching is optional...  (insert giggles here)  I love her unconditionally, but a mother will still try.  Perhaps we will still head out on a feather quest...put togeather one or two... insert into her hair on the way out the door and hope she doesn't throw it out the bus window! 

Are you a featherhead?  Do you have what it takes to don this trend?  Do you make them, sell them, wear them... Please let me know in the comments below... I'd love to stop by and check out your link!

Happy Day!
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