Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Are you a FeATheR HeAD?

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Are you into the Feather Trend?  Are you a FeATheR HeAD?

When I was a teen (a young teen) Madonna had just taken center stage.  Bright, funky neon, fun clothing were everywhere.  Big clunky chunky earrings weighing about as much as a small car dangled from every girl's ears... and BIG hair made it's debut.  Accessories were huge... there was no such thing as 'less is more' at that time.  At least that's how I remember things.  I had tons of feather related hair accessories at that time too... multi colored feathers and ribbons and things suspended from leather cording and alligator clips.  Seems that some of those trends are making their way back into fashion right about now... they do say that fashion is cyclical.  What's old is new again, updated a bit, changed a little...

Anyway, it has me reminiscing and although I do not think I am brave enough (or young enough) to pull them off again, I still love them!

PUNKY ROOSTER feather extension earrings

         Joyful Gabby and Etsy shop makes some fab clips

Funky fluffy fun white blonde feather earrings with brass and silver chains, really long and flowing feathers KOZHow about these beautifully funky earrings by Etsy seller kozcreation

So I excitedly asked Lexi Lu this morning if she would like a few feather hair accessories for back to school this year.  Hey, any excuse to head to the craft store is a good one!  Unfortunately, she shot me down.   Hard and Fast.  Absolutely NOT! 

Alright, she is not the fashionista... I thought I had come to grips with this a few years ago... this child is happy in sweats and tees.  Matching is optional...  (insert giggles here)  I love her unconditionally, but a mother will still try.  Perhaps we will still head out on a feather quest...put togeather one or two... insert into her hair on the way out the door and hope she doesn't throw it out the bus window! 

Are you a featherhead?  Do you have what it takes to don this trend?  Do you make them, sell them, wear them... Please let me know in the comments below... I'd love to stop by and check out your link!

Happy Day!

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