Saturday, July 30, 2011

Grand Opening Etsy Store!

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Tiaras and Bowties has now opened doors to a new store on Etsy!

Starting Today until the end of August 2011
I am offering

(domestic orders only)

Use coupon code:  'GrandOpening123' at checkout to recieve this awesome deal!

You'll see many familiar items which I have featured here on the blog and lots of new stuff coming.

Follow the link in the top sidebar to my Etsy Store

Remember,  new things will be added daily so stop back often to get that free shipping.

I am catching up on all past orders and ready to take on some New


Match a theme, a favorite charactor, color coordinate... you name it, I can do it!
If it can be still, it can be painted!

Spread the word about this fantastic opportunity!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Creative Ideas with Plastic Bags

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Just when I think I have my house organized 'just about' how it should be, I decide to tear it all out again and start over!  My dining room is anything but a dining room as of late.  Yes, the little antique table smack in the middle of the room may give you a little hint of the rooms intended purpose...
if you're lucky enough to stop in on a day when you can actually see it!

I am determined to redirect ALL non- dining room items elsewhere in the house as of the writing of this post.  (except for the essentials... paints & brushes that can fit in a nice little basket).

This Mom has taken a stand against Clutter!
Out with the footballs!
Out with the baseball bats!
Out with the multitude of Lexi Lu's books & bags
Out with the Xbox!
(yes, hubs hooked a not so little TV up in the DR for Austin to play nonstop xbox)
(he doesn't like to be alone in his room)
Out with all of mommy's craft clutter!

So I must set an example.
Do as I DO, not as I SAY
so bye bye pretty ribbons and glue and tools and beads and fabrics...
you must find residence in another room
(preferably behind closed doors)

So, I leave you with some cute ideas for ridding your home of another 'clutter' culprit.  Plastic Shopping Bags.
If you're anything like us, you have tons of these babies hanging around!

Trash to treasure best, Check out this wreath made by Under the Table and Dreaming by Stephanie Lynn

My Recycled Bags - Crocheted Easter basket from plastic bag yarn.
So sweet.

Betz White teaches us how to fuze those bags into fashionable & cute totes!

How about a raincoat from Etsy seller PenFelt


Last but not least... fashionable jewelry from plastic bags featured on Treehugger.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Ever - TooT {TuTe} Thursday - HooRay!

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Welcome to the FIRST ever

TooT {TuTe} Thursday

here at Tiaras and Bowties!

Every Thursday I will be featuring a to die for TuTe or 2
Such Amazing talent is flying around blogland and I thought I'd share a few that really catch my eye
as well as a TuTe or 2 of my OWN!

So stop by every Thursday (tiaras optional) and check out some TuTes with me!

Our Seven Dwarves  crafted a beautiful TuTu which I think would be just
Darling with my Tiara!  She's sharing her tute with us too!

The Single Nester read my mind on these beautiful teal blue jars and how to make them yourself!
Honestly, I had laid in bed the night before wondering where I could find me some of those
beautiful blue Ball Jars everyone seems to be showing.
Now, I can make some myself and so can you!

The girls at Sew Stylish Boutique whipped up some adorable tiny purses from
Altoid containers.
You all know how I just adore Zebra!
and pink
and cute!


If you've been here before, you know I just luv me some paint!
Mural maker has a great tute on painting decorative leaves.
Go check her out

Burton Avenue has a tute for this adorable notebook cover.
School will be in session before we know it...
Hey, maybe I'll just have to dig into the scrap bags and make one for my little boom boom.

So, as usual, I jumped right into this and as of yet do not have a button to share with any of you talented featured bloggers.  But go ahead and brag... just tell your friends that you've been featured
over here at
Tiaras and Bowties!

And do NOT forget to stop back next week to see if you've been TooTed!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fa Ree is For Me!

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I don't know about you but I love love love finding and getting things for - FrEE! 

Almost everything I own is a hand me down, a thrift store purchase, or a road side treasure.  A can of paint, the flick of a paint brush or some new fabric can totally transform almost anything is what I've learned over the years.  Don't get me wrong...I totally appreciate a beautiful new house with all the trimmings.  I just don't have that and I'm okay with it!  (most of the time, get my drift)

So, my love for an item that has been outcast (someone elses trash) has finally rubbed off on the hubby. 

One must understand...the last thing hubby wants to do is move heavy pieces of furniture.  He hates it.  He will usually go to great lengths explaining why we should NOT grab that old but great item of furniture from someone's big trash pile.  And YES we've gotten into some lovely little arguements over it.

Imagine my suprise when he brought home this little baby...
Our TV had been sitting on an old bookshelf, which served it's purpose, but didn't quite fit in.  Hubby came home and told me that he had picked up an entertainment center out for trash.  He admitted he drove by it, knowing full well that what I didn't know wouldn't hurt me and kept going...He went through this whole, 'if you don't want it...I wasn't gonna get it...I can't believe I turned around...loaded this big, old, heavy thing on the truck...blabbity, blah, blah, blah... I did it for you...'

It's like the kids... you can teach them, you can preach to them, you can scream & kick & scream some more... but you never know how much of it actually sticks until they use it, outside of the home...when your not around.  Ha!  I love my hubby for this! 

So with some reshopping around the house,  I think it looks pretty good in that corner there.  Everything (and I mean everything) on top was either thrifted, a GW find or from the Dollar Tree store but (my opinion only) ended up looking pretty darn nice and The big ole TV just just just fits inside!

At first,  I thought... I'm painting that sucker.  Now I'm not so sure... kinda liking the wood tone.  Any thoughts?

Then, believe it or not, the very next day I get a call from my sister (who has the big old house on the hill with the fancy furniture) who informs me her neighbor is getting rid of all of her scrapbooking stuff and did I want it?

Well, the hoarder tendancies kicked in... I really don't scrap that often...(like never) but I can't see it going into the trash pile. 

"...If it's going to the trash, of course I'll come take a look and see if I can use anything"  Yeah right, like I'm not headed over right now to snatch it all up... are ya crazy?

Turns out she used to be a Creative Memories dealer... and this is just a small sampling of the stuff!  Tons and tons and tons of paper, stickers, unopened photo albums, scissors, cutters, tape, glue...just about everything one could possibly need and more.  75% of it new, unopened... binders and binders and organizers and wheeled cart thingies that in the catalog cost $130.00 alone (empty). 

Ohhhh, I'm full of ideas for all of this beautiful paper... in the coming weeks I'll be sharing more in depth what's in the bags...and what we can do with it!  Who know... I may just have to share!

Hugs, Kim

Sunday, July 24, 2011

La La La Lady Bugs

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Just wanted to share a cute little something I've whipped up...

La La La Lady Bugs!

Alexis has been invited to a birthday party today!
(she doesn't go to many non- family parties)
So this is a BIG deal!

I hope her friend likes it as much as we do!

Yes... hand painted
on those little wooden frames in the local craft supply
complete with a 3D lady bug...

Topped with a red ribbon bow!

(poor quality photo...I know)

Coordinating lady bug push pins or magnets to show off all that ArT WoRK
on the fridge or bulletin board!

Available NOW in my zibbet shop!
simply leave a commet and let me know your interested
shoot me an email
join me on facebook and leave a message there!

Happy Sunday to You ALL and Thanks for being there!


Linkin up with my Fav parties and a few new ones!

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Update: 8/6/11
We were featured for this cutie here
Cherished Treasures”=

Friday, July 22, 2011

happy FRY-day!

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It is Friday... and the temps are really FrYing hot from this heat wave that has gripped most of our country!  My brain feels fried as well!

I've been inside, messing up my dining room today working on a few paint projects that I'm behind on. 
As well as some new items to stock my Zibbet shop
like this Pink Daisy Growth Chart.

 I was wonderfully suprised to find my pink daisy footstool has been featured here,

Confessions of a SAHM

A MOST gracious thank you to
 Confessions of a Stay at Home Mommy
I will wear it proudly!

The kids and I are just trying to chill...literally!
Figured I'd share a few photos with you today...

so grab a lemonade and chill-ax a while.

My EvER Faithful canine babies...
The BIG Girl (in white) Stasha -  she will be 13 this September and is starting to go blind, BuT she is such a cuddly luver girl.  Her knickname is Stasha Stoodle Butt... go figure?

OrTOn, my assistant (you remember Ortie don't you?) The little black long haired Chihuahua.  He is just so bad... He has an issue with hiding flip flops, socks, dryer sheets,
 and even flash lights under the love seat.
Like his Momma, he is addicted to sweets... ring pops and freeze pops to be exact!

My kids... Alexis and Austin on a Mountain Top in Roanoke VA.
Our vaca was nice,
Check out that view!

 Another spectacular view from our motel room in Virginia...
Purgatory Mountain.

And our 'love what ya got' pool, where I believe we are headed just about now!
Believe it or not... if you get on that raft and just close your eyes, you can make believe you are on some beautiful tropical island, lounging poolside.
I can almost hear the waves crashing...

Stay cool chickies!
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