Saturday, April 30, 2011

Formal Dress Re-Cycle

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Wow... I'm finally here with a little something something. 
 Let's call it Fashion Frenzy Friday

Tonight was my Alexis' 1st ever formal dance at school.  Her first dance ever!  I first intro'd Lex to you here.  Well, I picked up this dress about a month ago when she first showed an interest in going and I thought the size 18 would fit her just right except for the length.  Hems are pretty easy for me since a hem is a MUST for ALL of her pants, skirts, dresses...etc.  She is quite the little person, she is!  Trying to stay within a tight budget, I thought I'd check out the local 'upscale' thrift store associated with our local hospital.  Lots of doc's wives, nurses, etc...clothes and other items are usually in pretty great shape.  Came across this winner (it really is beautiful in person- photos do no justice) for a mere $6.

Yes!  You are reading that right!

Unfortunately, it was too small in the bodice and would not zip up!  I would never consider myself a 'seamstress' but I can sew a straight line!   I just figured, I'll take the zipper out, replace it with some strechy satiny fabric on the back of the bodice, shorten the skirt, remove the sleeves...pizazz it up a bit.  Easy Peasy puddin pie right? Well, fast forward a few weeks of 'I'd rather watch brother play baseball so I'm not goin' to 'I wanna go to the dance' to 'Nah, I don't wanna go...I'm too scared.'  So the dress was thrown placed lovingly in the back of the closet and not touched, no hem, no nutin, no dance, No PrOBlemO...

Until 2 days ago...she wanted to go to the dance...'make me a dresser appointment with Aunt Karla...I'm going and I need to be pretty!'

So...beginning at 9am this beautiful Friday morning,  I pulled out the machine and scissors and spent the next 6.5 hours in a sewing FrENzy!  If you are a professional seamstress you may want to turn away from the blog...NOW.  This is by NO way a 'tutorial' on how to make a dress...that would be insane!  Lets just accept this crazy attempt to create a one of a kind beauty for my baby! 
 In 1 day...with no pattern...and a missing box of straight pins!

Step 1: Hack off the bodice from the skirt with pinking sheers.

Hacked off bodice

Wacked off skirt and zipper

Almost every seam was wacked at!  I used another top from my closet to cut up for the back bodice piece to replace the need for a zipper. Here a wack there a wack...everywhere a wack wack!

So I did not take photos of the actual piecing and sewing because as I said earlier...I had no pins!  Couldn't really photo and hold everything in place while dealing with breaking sewing needles...they don't really take well to sewing over beaded fabric bodices.
Lots of cursing praying.
A little crying.
and a bit of HOT Glue...shhhh don't tell.

Alexis was very happy to see this waiting for her after school.

Added pink burnt ribbon rose to replace original black bow.
Added my new pink scarf as her shawl.

Not bad for such a crazy attempt at frenzied sewing...
definately not perfect
NOT bad!

So, sew, So...$6 for thrift store dress.
2.99 for clearance scarf
Free hair appointment (gotta luv my sister is a hair dresser)

One happy little princess & an overjoyed Momma

Oh I have more...

On a serious note... I will NEVER ever NEVER attempt this again if I want to keep my sanity!

So jealous of this kid's hair... really!
The after party hair is just as FAB as the updo!

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Good Luck to those who do.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Land of Misfit Furniture!

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Hi Everyone!  I am so very sorry I have not posted any amazingly wonderful projects or ideas this week!  The pain in my lower back, pinched nerve and resulting leg weakness and pain has had me down a bit!  I really can't believe it's been a year of this pain (car accident on May 3rd last year).  A very busy little boy with alot of baseball games has taken priority and I've been dealing with some issues with my live in mother in law who is failing pretty quick with Alzhiemers has need my attention as well.  Life will come full circle again soon and I'll have some ME time to work on some fab stuff to share!

Good News though- Alexis is attending her 1st ever semi formal dance on Friday evening...I still have to alter her dress!

I am so very excited to be hosting a giveaway right now over at My Girlish Whims!  Becca is such a sweetie!  Hurry now...go check it out, enter and you may just win this!  So far the entries are still pretty the odds of winning are pretty high!
All handpainted by ME...  It's really much more FAB in person.  If it's not quite your cup o' me and we can discuss a custom idea you may have!

Now, seriously... I really thought I was going to be able to catch up on a bunch of stuff and post a few fab projects but, as usual, life gets in the way!  On the way to baseball tonight for the little man Austin, I was telling hubby that I really needed to get out  to a few yard sales this weekend.  We are in dire need of some kitchen chairs...explaining to hubby that a used set would be fine...I don't want to spend a fortune and chairs can be quite expensive...even for some basic chairs.
Lo & Behold!  Ta Da!  Turned the corner and what do I see?  A cute little country table and 4 chairs staring over at me!  Hubby refused to stop!  How dare he!  So I stole the car from the baseball field and went back.  Expecting the nice little lady to say she wanted $125 for the set...when I only needed the chairs.  So imagine my suprise when she wanted a mere $25... for the whole set!  I'll take it.  Hubby not too happy about the 'whole set' thing cause we really don't need the new table BUT come on babe, all 5 pieces for less than the price of ONE new chair?  Are you crazy?

Unfortunately, as they say...when it rains it pours..feast or famine...careful what you wish for...

My house now looks like the Land of Misfit Furniture


We were given a fridge today (nicer than the one I currently have) and it now sits smack in the middle of the dining room floor til hubby can get it in place tomorrow!  The new chairs are in the kitchen along with the bench I'm in the process of doing (I'll share soon) and the 5 chairs from the kitchen are now in the dining room with the 2nd fridge!  The rooster tea cart is still here...the black side table is still here...along with 2 other chairs and another night stand awaiting makeovers... I have a new coffee table I picked up 'NEW' for only $25 on clearance at Big Lots which is HUGE, and the new kitchen table is still in the truck because I have absolutely no more room! 
Some days I worry I'm becoming a hoarder!  I need a garage or at least a nice shed/studio to work in or I'm quite afaid hubby may put me on the curb!  Do people who hoard worry that they are becoming hoarders?  No, I'm just becoming an extremely good Recycler!  LOL
  Very cute book by Lauren Child By the way!

So believe me I have many many projects planned for you here on the blog...along with my painted canvas items!  

And if you care to adopt some furniture.. and save a girl from being put on a curb, lemme' know!  And if you haven't already go on over to my new shop on Zibbet...I have listed a few things!

So, I'm now going to attempt to scale the mountain in the dining room to get to the stairs for bed.  Hoping to be back tomorrow with at least a 'little' something with YOU!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


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My strawberry pot!

Dirt...I sit here this morning thinking about dirt.  All kinds of dirt... the muddy mucky yucky stuff, the exciting chit chatty kind...ya know 'dishing the dirt' kind of gossiping which I would NeveR do!   I don't know where some of this stuff that creeps into my mind comes from... going from point A to point Z in about 30 seconds flat, but...

Over the weekend I've played in some dirt and made lovingly asked my hubby & Austin play in some dirt.  I've started my strawberry seeds, from a cute little kit which cost me all of 3 bucks and replanted my African Violets and Christmas cactus into some red mercury glass type containers.  (buck a piece from after Xmas clearance stuff)  Enter some spanish moss to cover the dirt & cute little pink butterflies for Spring and LUV them on both sides of my sink!

Now, you may remember that I am a Renter!  Renting has it's good points and it has it's bad.  And man when it's bad it's really bad!  Like the carpet issues and this really horrid view from my back door!  This is NOT the Oasis I had in mind...didn't really bother me much when we moved in I learn to take the bad with the good and kind of tell yourself that it's not important!   Man was I  WrONg!

Can't even believe I am sharing this with you all!  How I hate this yard...more than anything!  I do have  some ideas to try to Oasi-fy my horrifically Ugly, yes, with a Capital U ugly backyard (make my own personal Oasis in the middle of crazy!) or at least make it look somewhat presentable!  To the left is my neighbors, trampolines etc to look at, then to the right is the backside of a mini strip of stores and a public walkway (hence some of the trash that's piled up against my fence this winter),  straight out is the fabulous green fenced dumpsters that belong to Domino's pizza.  Now look past the big blue blob of a pool that is waiting to get set up for the children in the next few weeks and the old plastic chairs that I let the kids spray paint last year every color of the rainbow.   Here you can barely see  the mini trees and some heather Jim & Austin planted.

Yes, they need to be weeded and mulched and fertilized but I wanted them planted NOW (think the Golden Goose wanting Veronica from Willy Wonka) hope that they will quickly- like by the end of today...grow and blossom into a wall of beauty to block out the uglies! 

I also have some other plants that I'm going to add in large containers that I hope will grow and vine up down and all around the fence to create some privacy and beauty.  I want to feel like I'm (sort) on vaca when I go out there & maybe spread some joy for those who visit this summer!

So as I sit here and look out the window impatiantly waiting for them to just sprout up, I thought about the parables of dirt and sowing from the Bible and some of the deep stuff going on in my own life right now.  Reap what you sow...Get what you give...ya know?  How some dirt allows things to grow and some dirt does not...I want good dirt, I want to reap the benefits of a Christian life and spread it around to others.  If we want 'good plants' (a fruitful life) then we need good dirt.  I used to think that I could fix my 'dirt' ya know?  Trying to be 'holier', doing more religious things, trying not to sin, volunteering more...just being 'better'.  All of those things are good don't get me wrong...but that only make the dirt look better on the outside (and leave ya wondering why your not getting back).  I want that NOW too but, just as 'good dirt' is broken and tilled and fertilized, a 'good heart' is also broken to some degree...a heart that knows it's need for Jesus.  I think the hard things in life that break your heart are meant to bring us closer to Jesus. Only by asking Him to change our hearts than can our 'dirt' be made's something that happens from within by asking Him to change us- Now that's the secret to 'Good Dirt'!

So I'll probably head back to Home Depot or even True Value and buy some good dirt for my work in progress garden out back but as for 'My Good Dirt' I'll go to The Father!  Sorry for such a long post and I hope I didn't lose ya,  but I'll be back with some really 'good dirt' on some fun projects and few other fun things going on!  Until then my friends... 

Be sure to stop over to see my friend Rebecca at My Girlish Whims and enter one of the best giveaways ever! JOking, just joking!

Rebecca was one of the 1st friends I've had the pleasure of making here in blogland and I have decided to giveaway one of my original paintings to her readers!  Hurry cause the giveaway ends on 5/2...  be sure to tell her I sent ya over!
Put a little Glam in your life!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chic Cheap Challange-Inspirations

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Holiday!  Our family spent a very nice quiet day togeather giving thanks that Jesus died on that cross for our sins and that he is Risen!  Thank you Jesus!

Now,  I've been looking around and thinking and I've come to the conclusion that I am just NOT happy with the state of my home!  You may not know this about me but -  I get bored really easily!  My tastes seem to change with the wind. Or at least with the season!  I've tried to go very neutral with golds and creams.  That wasn't quite working for we I added crimson reds, rust, & chocolate browns to the picture.  Guess what?  That's not really working for me either!  I've fallen in love with all the white that seems to have taken over blogland BUT I'm afaid I will not fully luv that either!  To be honest, I really don't even know what my decor tastes are!

What' a girl to do everytime her whims take over? Cheap Chic ChallengeI've decided I need to reuse, repaint, repurpose and thrift my little heart silly...(that's what I've been doing, but I haven't had a plan)  SO that's where my personal challenge comes in.  I need to redo almost every area of my home on a dime... ok, well on a few dimes but I need that plan!  Follow along with me as I challange myself to Re-Create Sminkey style!  I don't know how long we will be on this journey or if we will ever get there...but let's go!  So to start I'll share a few things that really get my decorating bug inspired!
The canvas slip cover craze!  Not sure about the white or cream color...I luv it but not sure how well it will hold up to my demolition crew here.  Guess I can get the sewing machine warmed up...they are washable right?

Lovin the chunkiness of the coffe table from PB too, just not sure if I like the wood tone...this may need to be a shade of distressed white!  Good bit of storage under the table top, no wastin' space here!  I've already got this one covered...for $25! Show you tomorrow!


Mercury Glass- 

need I say more?  

How about these new drum shades from good old PB?  I like that they are neutral with lots of texture.

These should be pretty easy to replicate...what do you think?
My wheels are already turning.

I want to thank Pottery Barn and it's designers & buyers for all of the drool inducing photos featured here tonight!  One of my fav inspiration destinations!  I have the PB on the Brain tonight, can't you tell?  That about sums up the changes needed in the living room...I'll share more chic cheap inspiration challenges with you tomorrow, so come back by...we can have tea.

Oh, I wanted to share another thing I'm obsessed with right now...


Any Style

Any color

For every room...both inside & out!  I must get lots of lanterns!

So I leave you tonight with a teaser of good news...I won't tell you!
You'll have to head over here to My Girlish Whims find out what the good news is.  Rebecca has some news and a giveaway coming up for you!  Go ahead over...she's newly engaged...congratulate her!

I will tell you it involves this!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Adopt a Rooster!

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Mr. Rooster handpainted tea cart is now completed and up for Adoption.  You first met him a few days  I love him so much but unfortunately I do not have the space to keep him in the kitchen!

So my loss can be your gain! 
 Thought I would put the offer here on the blog to give anyone who loves him first dibs before he goes on Zibbet!

If anyone is interested in giving this little guy a good home just leave a comment below or shoot me an email direct to me  I respond at least once daily to comments and emails and can get you more details such as price, dimensions and shipping details!

Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Did you get your FREE tree from Lowe's today?
I haven't gotten out yet
so I hope I can get there in time!

Lowe's Is Celebrating Earth Day by Giving Away a Million Trees

I'm not being paid to tell you about this...
just sharin' a darn good deal with friends!

So what are you doing to celebrate Mother Earth?
Pledge to recycle?
Switch to Green Cleaners in your home?
I have!

Wanted to share a few little things with you today in honor of our wonderful planet and some great ideas to get started!

I visited My Dear Trash earlier,  Kelly and Laura have a wonderful blog just chock full of great ideas...
My favorite kind of ideas...trash to treasure!
Very inspiring for those of us who are thrifting and buying 2nd had to keep useable & beautiful items out of our landfills!
They are holding a Link Party to showcase Earth Day
go see!  I have.

Stop over and take the Earth Day Pledge
Here's a sneak peek at My Dear Trash
Amazing patio set from a thrift store!  I am sooo jealous of this find!

Go see how those ladies turn trash to cash!
Enough cash to go on vacation...

They really are inspiring!

So for Earth Day, I am going to continue to switch to all green cleaners for my home & enviornment.  Really try to recycle my garbage and continue to buy 2nd hand whenever I can!

I'll continue to share my treasure makeovers with you here on
Tiaras and Bowties!

WaRNinG:  if you see some crazy person rooting thru your trash tonight...don't be alarmed, it's probably just me!

Can you feel my excitement?  Halfway to the big five O.  That's 50 followers now...
as of now, I'm at 25!
Get ready for a giveaway worth $50.00!
Can you say custom handpainted?
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Just a Google friends account!

Random Treasures #1

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What a long & crazy week it's been.  Spring break has been very boring here...I feel bad for the kids but hey, the trip to Brazil had to be postponed...indefinately...til we hit the lottery!  Seriously,  My Lexi 'Boom boom' has spent most of it sick, which really isn't anything new...she's sick alot.  Alexis is one of those kids, God Bless her, that's managed to be sick in some form or another for almost every major holiday or event.
1st Halloween - sick
1st Christmas - sick
1st Birthday - seriously ill in Children's Hosp. of Philly
Every Christmas eve (after dr hours) Ear infections & ruptured    eardrums
Spring Break - sick
startin' to see the pattern here?

But onto other things!  I found myself lost earlier in the week and late for something important (hate that).  Once at my destination, sitting, minding my own beeswax, crossing legs...heard funny noise...felt cool air... what the...?
NOtice, ripped pants...felt like Spongebob (ripped pants episode)!  Not so funny when your away from home for a few hours and must  carry on...
legs togeather,
like a penguin...hoping that no one will notice!

HoW Embarrasing!  NOT FuNNy!

Yes, it was!  Who we kidding, I wouldn't have played twister with my leg in the bathroom just to share a photo with you if it wasn't!  But I'm on my 2nd glass of White Merlot, and almost anthing is funny to me right now!  I hardly ever partake so a glass or 2 is my limit!

Have had NO time for painting but did manage to get out and find a few thrifty treasures.  Figured I'd share with you!

So exciting to get this piece,  it will match my bedroom dresser!  Think I may clean it up and give both the dresser and the little table a nice coat of paint...white, Robin's egg blue, distressed...must decide!  You know I'll share the after with you.  This little nightstand is actually an old record cabinet.  The drawers you see are on both sides and are FAUX.  Double doors open there on the long side.

2 baskets from thrifting...luv the larger with handles!  Don't mind the kid stuff that has already made it's way into them...they will NOT be staying there!

Cute little white distressed box, thrifting find (still has a Marshall's tag on the back.  I have it on it's side for now to see the pretty flourish design!  Please note the beautiful little red Tulip my little man Austin stole from a yard across the street gifted me!  So sweet.  I think I may line this box with some animal print!

My favorite find of the week is this 'brand spankin new' iron plate rack from the thrift store...6 buck...
Now, you may not know this but plate racks are not just for plates anymore!  How about a new photo frame rack?  I thing it looks pretty good.  May change out the photos & frames at a later date... this is in my kitchen above the table.  Do you hang photos in your kitchen?

Funny thing about this rack...I had it in my mind that I was going to find one that day, but,  I was thinking vertical... Picked it up, put it down...
My best shopping buddy Anna Marie so lovingly asked me 'What the heck (words changed a bit to keep blog PG) are you doing?' 
 Me: It won't work. 
AM: Why not?
 Me:  It's the wrong way? 
AM: What? *&$ grumble grumble... Kim, what the *&#@ are you talking about?
Me:  It goes the wrong way!  I can't put frames on it, they won't stay! It needs to go up & down...not across! (heatedly trying to explain to her how it just will NOT work)! They'll just fall off!
AM staring me down, holding rack up and gently placing for sale photo frames on said rack so that moron ME will see...
Me: Oh,
Both: Laughter
The nice little volunteers at the thrift store, I am pretty sure, are thinking that we are CRaZy people!  Unfortunately, I am not the brightest bulb in the box at times.

Black iron stand was destiny...Saw him there a few weeks back, didn't buy him, later went to Pottery Barn and saw one on the table there...had buyers remorse & returned to thrift store next day.
Gone!  Sad & depressed.  Returned to thrift store on this glorious day,  our eyes met across the room.  It was my destiny!  I flew across the room to grab it and scared the crapola outta an old lady to get it.  I think she thought I was gonna pull a Jackie Chan on her Karate style if she even thought about touching it!  I seriously was screaming ooooh ooooh that's mine!  Also picked up the cute bunny in the basket and the teal & lime napkin rings there too!  They still have original tags on them.  Pretty white iron piece from Anna Marie.  And great big ugly ole farmers hat courtesy of Anna Marie!  That's a whole other story...tiny little 90 pound Anna forced me to wear it through the Family Dollar store as we shopped there as she also sported a neon pink one!  Guess she didn't wanna be the only wierdo! I have to admit, that was one of the funniest trips I've ever had to the Family Dollar...could've peed my pants!

I'm gonna pretty it up cause we're gonna throw a Garden Party in her yard once she's done planting her English Garden!  I can't wait!

Had a little visitor in my yard today...
She sat under my daughter's bike all day...cute little baby bunny just in time for Easter!

So, what are your thoughts on photos in the kitchen?

Posting here in honor or Earth Day!
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