Friday, April 8, 2011

Bunnie Sitter for Easter

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Told ya I'd be back...
Tonight was PJ and a movie night at Austin's school.  Toy Story 3.  So cute but soooo sad.  Now that I'm back I wanted to show you my cute little Bunnie Sitter for Easter.

He is hand painted in acrylic paints front and back for an all around view!   His body and his feet and basket are 2 separate cut pieces but can be done all on the same board if wide enough.  He's been hopping around the house looking for a comfy place to chill til Easter...he can sit in the window either looking out or facing in.  He may look difficult but he was really soooo easy to create.

Supplies I used:
Pine board
a jig saw
acrylic paint
gorilla glue
flat and angled flat artist brushes
scruffy old brush or stipple type brush (stencil brushes work too)
extra fine point perm. marker (optional)

1) Trace or freehand the pattern onto your pine or other choice of wood and cut out the shapes.

2) Sand smooth and paint the entire piece with white.  Any white will do - even a more heirloom white would look nice.  Let dry.

3) At this point, very lightly transfer the details onto your bunny & basket or if you're comfy, just wing it!  That's what I do!

4)  The acrylic paints for this project are watered down (alot) to give a watercolor appearance.  Except for the pink on the ears, cheeks, and feet.  With your scruffy brush dry brush pink on those areas.  Just go ahead and pounce, swirl and scrub that brush onto the areas. Use as little paint as possible at this point... you can always add with makeup!  Too much of either and oh boy, we have a mess on our hands!  Just build your layers until they are as visible as you want them.

5)  Now, using the very watered down colors of your choice just start filling in the areas for the Easter Eggs, basket and grass.  You CAN do this... just like coloring in a book with crayons.  Again, just light barely visible coats are best.  Add more as each layer dries to achieve the brightness you want.

6)  Using the same technique with the light blue,  do his eyes and tail.  Don't forget the tail...the bunny probably wouldn't appreciate that!  To produce the shaded looking areas just go over with layers of the watered down paint near the outline of the area until you get that look. 

7)  Now, the pupil of the eyes and nose are FULL Strength black.  Just fill in like you would color with crayons.  Using the back of a paintbrush or pencil eraser, dip into white full strength paint and dots to the pupils, eggs, and grass.

8) Add your details after the paint is really dry.  Just use your extra fine perm. marker and add squiggly thin lines as shown in photo.  Mix it up with dots and dashes if you like.  Anything is your bunny after all!  Don't forget to detail the cottontail!

9)  Lastly (if making a 2 piece bunny), using the gorilla glue,  line up and glue the foot & basket piece to the main body!
Optional:  Add fabric or ribbon bow or a picture hanger to the rear if going to hang on a wall or door.

The finished piece is really just so stinkin' photos do no justice for Mr Bunny.  It may be time for a new camera soon!

I will be back tomorrow...with a pattern for you to print out and use.  (trying to figure out the best way to do this for you).  Anyway, I really hope you like him.  I'd be happy to answer and questions you may have (did I leave anything out?).  Just shoot me an email or leave a comment. 

Wishing you all a Blessed and Happy Easter Holiday!

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Terry said...

OMG - super cute!! Thanks for linking up to my party!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

That is super cute! Thanks for sharing with my newbie party. Have fun!

Rachel at Sun Scholars said...

That is adorable!!! Thanks for sharing this at For the Kids Friday!!

Vicki ~ The Green Eyed Girl said...

Wow... what a TALENT! You rabbit is so adorable... I'm your newest follower!

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