Tuesday, April 26, 2011


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My strawberry pot!

Dirt...I sit here this morning thinking about dirt.  All kinds of dirt... the muddy mucky yucky stuff, the exciting chit chatty kind...ya know 'dishing the dirt' kind of gossiping which I would NeveR do!   I don't know where some of this stuff that creeps into my mind comes from... going from point A to point Z in about 30 seconds flat, but...

Over the weekend I've played in some dirt and made lovingly asked my hubby & Austin play in some dirt.  I've started my strawberry seeds, from a cute little kit which cost me all of 3 bucks and replanted my African Violets and Christmas cactus into some red mercury glass type containers.  (buck a piece from after Xmas clearance stuff)  Enter some spanish moss to cover the dirt & cute little pink butterflies for Spring and LUV them on both sides of my sink!

Now, you may remember that I am a Renter!  Renting has it's good points and it has it's bad.  And man when it's bad it's really bad!  Like the carpet issues and this really horrid view from my back door!  This is NOT the Oasis I had in mind...didn't really bother me much when we moved in I guess...you learn to take the bad with the good and kind of tell yourself that it's not important!   Man was I  WrONg!

Can't even believe I am sharing this with you all!  How I hate this yard...more than anything!  I do have  some ideas to try to Oasi-fy my horrifically Ugly, yes, with a Capital U ugly backyard (make my own personal Oasis in the middle of crazy!) or at least make it look somewhat presentable!  To the left is my neighbors yard...kids, trampolines etc to look at, then to the right is the backside of a mini strip of stores and a public walkway (hence some of the trash that's piled up against my fence this winter),  straight out is the fabulous green fenced dumpsters that belong to Domino's pizza.  Now look past the big blue blob of a pool that is waiting to get set up for the children in the next few weeks and the old plastic chairs that I let the kids spray paint last year every color of the rainbow.   Here you can barely see  the mini trees and some heather Jim & Austin planted.

Yes, they need to be weeded and mulched and fertilized but I wanted them planted NOW (think the Golden Goose wanting Veronica from Willy Wonka)...in hope that they will quickly- like by the end of today...grow and blossom into a wall of beauty to block out the uglies! 

I also have some other plants that I'm going to add in large containers that I hope will grow and vine up down and all around the fence to create some privacy and beauty.  I want to feel like I'm (sort) on vaca when I go out there & maybe spread some joy for those who visit this summer!

So as I sit here and look out the window impatiantly waiting for them to just sprout up, I thought about the parables of dirt and sowing from the Bible and some of the deep stuff going on in my own life right now.  Reap what you sow...Get what you give...ya know?  How some dirt allows things to grow and some dirt does not...I want good dirt, I want to reap the benefits of a Christian life and spread it around to others.  If we want 'good plants' (a fruitful life) then we need good dirt.  I used to think that I could fix my 'dirt' ya know?  Trying to be 'holier', doing more religious things, trying not to sin, volunteering more...just being 'better'.  All of those things are good don't get me wrong...but that only make the dirt look better on the outside (and leave ya wondering why your not getting back).  I want that NOW too but, just as 'good dirt' is broken and tilled and fertilized, a 'good heart' is also broken to some degree...a heart that knows it's need for Jesus.  I think the hard things in life that break your heart are meant to bring us closer to Jesus. Only by asking Him to change our hearts than can our 'dirt' be made better...it's something that happens from within by asking Him to change us- Now that's the secret to 'Good Dirt'!

So I'll probably head back to Home Depot or even True Value and buy some good dirt for my work in progress garden out back but as for 'My Good Dirt' I'll go to The Father!  Sorry for such a long post and I hope I didn't lose ya,  but I'll be back with some really 'good dirt' on some fun projects and few other fun things going on!  Until then my friends... 

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Jacqueline said...

I'm coming from My Girlish Whims to say hello! ;o)

Jacqueline said...

I already follow you!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from My Girlish Whims. Your post is perfect - today my daughter had "Dirt Share Day" at preschool, and even got to play in the ucky, mucky dirt. I'm now a follower! :)


Tina said...

Hey! Becca sent me over here! I have enjoyed looking through your posts! :)

Life in Rehab said...

This is nothing! Where's your cinder block planting wall? Your collection of stray ladders? Your tire track trenches? Your three legged dog? Why, this yard requires a mere straightening.

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