Friday, April 29, 2011

Land of Misfit Furniture!

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Hi Everyone!  I am so very sorry I have not posted any amazingly wonderful projects or ideas this week!  The pain in my lower back, pinched nerve and resulting leg weakness and pain has had me down a bit!  I really can't believe it's been a year of this pain (car accident on May 3rd last year).  A very busy little boy with alot of baseball games has taken priority and I've been dealing with some issues with my live in mother in law who is failing pretty quick with Alzhiemers has need my attention as well.  Life will come full circle again soon and I'll have some ME time to work on some fab stuff to share!

Good News though- Alexis is attending her 1st ever semi formal dance on Friday evening...I still have to alter her dress!

I am so very excited to be hosting a giveaway right now over at My Girlish Whims!  Becca is such a sweetie!  Hurry now...go check it out, enter and you may just win this!  So far the entries are still pretty the odds of winning are pretty high!
All handpainted by ME...  It's really much more FAB in person.  If it's not quite your cup o' me and we can discuss a custom idea you may have!

Now, seriously... I really thought I was going to be able to catch up on a bunch of stuff and post a few fab projects but, as usual, life gets in the way!  On the way to baseball tonight for the little man Austin, I was telling hubby that I really needed to get out  to a few yard sales this weekend.  We are in dire need of some kitchen chairs...explaining to hubby that a used set would be fine...I don't want to spend a fortune and chairs can be quite expensive...even for some basic chairs.
Lo & Behold!  Ta Da!  Turned the corner and what do I see?  A cute little country table and 4 chairs staring over at me!  Hubby refused to stop!  How dare he!  So I stole the car from the baseball field and went back.  Expecting the nice little lady to say she wanted $125 for the set...when I only needed the chairs.  So imagine my suprise when she wanted a mere $25... for the whole set!  I'll take it.  Hubby not too happy about the 'whole set' thing cause we really don't need the new table BUT come on babe, all 5 pieces for less than the price of ONE new chair?  Are you crazy?

Unfortunately, as they say...when it rains it pours..feast or famine...careful what you wish for...

My house now looks like the Land of Misfit Furniture


We were given a fridge today (nicer than the one I currently have) and it now sits smack in the middle of the dining room floor til hubby can get it in place tomorrow!  The new chairs are in the kitchen along with the bench I'm in the process of doing (I'll share soon) and the 5 chairs from the kitchen are now in the dining room with the 2nd fridge!  The rooster tea cart is still here...the black side table is still here...along with 2 other chairs and another night stand awaiting makeovers... I have a new coffee table I picked up 'NEW' for only $25 on clearance at Big Lots which is HUGE, and the new kitchen table is still in the truck because I have absolutely no more room! 
Some days I worry I'm becoming a hoarder!  I need a garage or at least a nice shed/studio to work in or I'm quite afaid hubby may put me on the curb!  Do people who hoard worry that they are becoming hoarders?  No, I'm just becoming an extremely good Recycler!  LOL
  Very cute book by Lauren Child By the way!

So believe me I have many many projects planned for you here on the blog...along with my painted canvas items!  

And if you care to adopt some furniture.. and save a girl from being put on a curb, lemme' know!  And if you haven't already go on over to my new shop on Zibbet...I have listed a few things!

So, I'm now going to attempt to scale the mountain in the dining room to get to the stairs for bed.  Hoping to be back tomorrow with at least a 'little' something with YOU!

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Renee said...

Hi Kim!

So nice to meet you! I hopped on over from Becca's blog, and the giveaway of your lovely painting. i too paint, and LOL, life gets in the way for me too. Seems I get the "me" time in but not the writing on my blog time. I like to read blogs more than write, I guess. (I am a follower of your blog now, so we can chat again!)

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