Friday, April 22, 2011

Random Treasures #1

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What a long & crazy week it's been.  Spring break has been very boring here...I feel bad for the kids but hey, the trip to Brazil had to be postponed...indefinately...til we hit the lottery!  Seriously,  My Lexi 'Boom boom' has spent most of it sick, which really isn't anything new...she's sick alot.  Alexis is one of those kids, God Bless her, that's managed to be sick in some form or another for almost every major holiday or event.
1st Halloween - sick
1st Christmas - sick
1st Birthday - seriously ill in Children's Hosp. of Philly
Every Christmas eve (after dr hours) Ear infections & ruptured    eardrums
Spring Break - sick
startin' to see the pattern here?

But onto other things!  I found myself lost earlier in the week and late for something important (hate that).  Once at my destination, sitting, minding my own beeswax, crossing legs...heard funny noise...felt cool air... what the...?
NOtice, ripped pants...felt like Spongebob (ripped pants episode)!  Not so funny when your away from home for a few hours and must  carry on...
legs togeather,
like a penguin...hoping that no one will notice!

HoW Embarrasing!  NOT FuNNy!

Yes, it was!  Who we kidding, I wouldn't have played twister with my leg in the bathroom just to share a photo with you if it wasn't!  But I'm on my 2nd glass of White Merlot, and almost anthing is funny to me right now!  I hardly ever partake so a glass or 2 is my limit!

Have had NO time for painting but did manage to get out and find a few thrifty treasures.  Figured I'd share with you!

So exciting to get this piece,  it will match my bedroom dresser!  Think I may clean it up and give both the dresser and the little table a nice coat of paint...white, Robin's egg blue, distressed...must decide!  You know I'll share the after with you.  This little nightstand is actually an old record cabinet.  The drawers you see are on both sides and are FAUX.  Double doors open there on the long side.

2 baskets from thrifting...luv the larger with handles!  Don't mind the kid stuff that has already made it's way into them...they will NOT be staying there!

Cute little white distressed box, thrifting find (still has a Marshall's tag on the back.  I have it on it's side for now to see the pretty flourish design!  Please note the beautiful little red Tulip my little man Austin stole from a yard across the street gifted me!  So sweet.  I think I may line this box with some animal print!

My favorite find of the week is this 'brand spankin new' iron plate rack from the thrift store...6 buck...
Now, you may not know this but plate racks are not just for plates anymore!  How about a new photo frame rack?  I thing it looks pretty good.  May change out the photos & frames at a later date... this is in my kitchen above the table.  Do you hang photos in your kitchen?

Funny thing about this rack...I had it in my mind that I was going to find one that day, but,  I was thinking vertical... Picked it up, put it down...
My best shopping buddy Anna Marie so lovingly asked me 'What the heck (words changed a bit to keep blog PG) are you doing?' 
 Me: It won't work. 
AM: Why not?
 Me:  It's the wrong way? 
AM: What? *&$ grumble grumble... Kim, what the *&#@ are you talking about?
Me:  It goes the wrong way!  I can't put frames on it, they won't stay! It needs to go up & down...not across! (heatedly trying to explain to her how it just will NOT work)! They'll just fall off!
AM staring me down, holding rack up and gently placing for sale photo frames on said rack so that moron ME will see...
Me: Oh,
Both: Laughter
The nice little volunteers at the thrift store, I am pretty sure, are thinking that we are CRaZy people!  Unfortunately, I am not the brightest bulb in the box at times.

Black iron stand was destiny...Saw him there a few weeks back, didn't buy him, later went to Pottery Barn and saw one on the table there...had buyers remorse & returned to thrift store next day.
Gone!  Sad & depressed.  Returned to thrift store on this glorious day,  our eyes met across the room.  It was my destiny!  I flew across the room to grab it and scared the crapola outta an old lady to get it.  I think she thought I was gonna pull a Jackie Chan on her Karate style if she even thought about touching it!  I seriously was screaming ooooh ooooh that's mine!  Also picked up the cute bunny in the basket and the teal & lime napkin rings there too!  They still have original tags on them.  Pretty white iron piece from Anna Marie.  And great big ugly ole farmers hat courtesy of Anna Marie!  That's a whole other story...tiny little 90 pound Anna forced me to wear it through the Family Dollar store as we shopped there as she also sported a neon pink one!  Guess she didn't wanna be the only wierdo! I have to admit, that was one of the funniest trips I've ever had to the Family Dollar...could've peed my pants!

I'm gonna pretty it up cause we're gonna throw a Garden Party in her yard once she's done planting her English Garden!  I can't wait!

Had a little visitor in my yard today...
She sat under my daughter's bike all day...cute little baby bunny just in time for Easter!

So, what are your thoughts on photos in the kitchen?

Posting here in honor or Earth Day!


Amber Victoria's Cottage said...

I love the way you used that plate holder sideways for photos. I have seen several of those the past few weeks. I'll have to grab one next time. Love the other finds too! Fun times!

Hope your daughter feels better soon.

Victoria said...

I enjoyed reading some of your blog today!
{We follow a shared blogger, together, and I found you that way! --Don't ask me who/how! --You know how it is, one blog leads to another, and eventually you don't know how you ended up where you are!!! least, that's how it is with me!}

First of all, let me say: Lucky You! To see a little baby bunny for Easter!
I also love all things wrought iron! Oh, and I love photos in the kitchen!!!! I don't have much wall space in my kitchen, so I've used those little stick-on "command" brand thingys to hang pic.frames on my tiled backsplash!
And your distressed white box is a fabulous find!!!! As is that wicker basket with handles! I love getting things like that, to store things in! {Hides my clutter!}
My mother seriously loves to wear those silly hats!!! I can't imagine walking thru a store in one! lol!

Thanx to your story of the tulip, you've granted me a walk down memory lane! ~~~An aunt of mine used to always tell the story of me, at about age 3, picking flowers out of her garden, to take across the driveway, to my grandmother! And of how mad my mother was that I had picked Aunt Mary's flowers!

Look forward to reading more of your blog! --oh, I love your painted rooster/kitchen cart! Was that done 'freehand'? You are good!

**Hope your daughter is feeling better! :)

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