Friday, July 29, 2011

Creative Ideas with Plastic Bags

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Just when I think I have my house organized 'just about' how it should be, I decide to tear it all out again and start over!  My dining room is anything but a dining room as of late.  Yes, the little antique table smack in the middle of the room may give you a little hint of the rooms intended purpose...
if you're lucky enough to stop in on a day when you can actually see it!

I am determined to redirect ALL non- dining room items elsewhere in the house as of the writing of this post.  (except for the essentials... paints & brushes that can fit in a nice little basket).

This Mom has taken a stand against Clutter!
Out with the footballs!
Out with the baseball bats!
Out with the multitude of Lexi Lu's books & bags
Out with the Xbox!
(yes, hubs hooked a not so little TV up in the DR for Austin to play nonstop xbox)
(he doesn't like to be alone in his room)
Out with all of mommy's craft clutter!

So I must set an example.
Do as I DO, not as I SAY
so bye bye pretty ribbons and glue and tools and beads and fabrics...
you must find residence in another room
(preferably behind closed doors)

So, I leave you with some cute ideas for ridding your home of another 'clutter' culprit.  Plastic Shopping Bags.
If you're anything like us, you have tons of these babies hanging around!

Trash to treasure best, Check out this wreath made by Under the Table and Dreaming by Stephanie Lynn

My Recycled Bags - Crocheted Easter basket from plastic bag yarn.
So sweet.

Betz White teaches us how to fuze those bags into fashionable & cute totes!

How about a raincoat from Etsy seller PenFelt


Last but not least... fashionable jewelry from plastic bags featured on Treehugger.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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andie jaye said...

my friend megan crochets purses out of plastic bags. they are so cool! she's getting ready to start one for me out of my newspaper bags that are orange!! yay! i've gotta check out the fuzed one! oh! and i love your new background!!!

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