Saturday, August 27, 2011

PB Inspiration and Irene

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My sweet nephew Ryan celebrated his first birthday today with a wonderful party. 
 The kids, the MIL and my Mom made the 45 minute trek to his house this afternoon intending to stay a bit but not too long 'cause you see we are expecting company tonight. 
Her name is Irene.

She is not welcome company but she is coming non-the-less! 

So, the procrastinator in me pulled out the old paints this morning to make his gift.
What? don't judge...
Sorry, I had to wait in long lines yesterday fighting people for med refills, water and batteries.
Okay, not really... the stores are all sold out of batteries.
Water was going pretty quickly too!
I'da had to donkey kick somebody over the water...
I have never been the one to stock up on water before...but I felt it the adult thing to do.
I had alot to do the hubby... to put away patio stuff, and pool stuff, and lawn mower stuff, propane, grill and anything else I think may take flight and crash through a window.

I digress... back to the gift.
I always stress over stuff like this, especially when I wait til the last possible minute to even start a project which needs to be prepped, painted and gift wrapped in under 2 hours!

{oh WHY can't I just go to Toys R Us and buy a gift?}
That's just NOT how I roll!

He was the lucky recipiant of the painted toy box you may remember from here

After a quick browse of an old PB Catalog I was inspired.

Please pardon the horribly blurry and washed out photos...I tried with 2 different cameras and got similar results.  The only cause I can think of is maybe because the air is SO humid here thanks to good old Irene coming.

Turned out sorta PB-esque {yes, that is my new word}
All painted free hand... name and all.
I tried to replicate the type style used in the PB catalogue...

I tried to enhance the colors in this last photo for you... still not quite right but closer.

He also got a DVD to watch tucked down in the gift bag.

Fast Forward, post party
 heading home... rain and wind starting to pick up but not too bad in my Momma's Kia Car.
Smooth Sailing I'm thinkin...

Now if you follow me on FB you already know that Awesome Austin is having a very hard time with scary nature stuff like Thunder and Lightening and Tuesday's earthquake and is OH so stressed out about Irene that he will not eat and his hair is standing straight up on his head.
{nervous habit of twirling and playing with his hair}

...half way down the highway, the sky decides to really open up.  Torrential rain and wind pounding the car;  really screwing up visability.  Silently, I'm praying...just wanna get my kids home safe.
The wipers were on high and we could hardly see 2 foot ahead...then
The windshield wipers STOPPED working!

Don't worry... we are safe... and I'm actually chuckling about it now.
Imagine being blinded,  Awesome is now freaking the flip out,  My mom's asking me what I did to her wipers,  Alexis is asking how we're going to get home, the Alzheimers MIL is going on and on about Hurricane Hazel that occured years before MY birth and about Air Raid drills from I think the 40's.
Which by the way... freaked Awesome out even more!

Thankfully after about 10 minutes of standing in the downpour, trying to figure out what happened, a bit of cussing and some prayer they started to work again! 

Now, I am getting off of here and attending to my family because a Tornado Warning has just interrupted our TV viewing and advised of a possible tornado in the area.
Hubby likes to blow these things off and be so nonchalant.
I on the other hand want to be the 'safety first' mommy without freaking my kids out anymore than they are now!

Praying for those who are also going through this horrible nightmare... please say a prayer for us tonight as well {it's greatly appreciated!}


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andie jaye said...

a tornado warning too? holy cow. i know it's not funny, but the image of your mil doing that makes me smile. reminds me of my grandma pearl who used to go on things like that.

and the canvas? love it. love it. what an amazing thing to be added to his room. you should do some of these for etsy!

thinking of you.
praying for you.
loving you.

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

Your painting for your nephew is awesome!

But honestly, I can't get the scary idea of your windshield wipers not working out of my head. I would have freaked, and I've been in some pretty crazy rainstorms before.

I'm so glad you guys made it through that, and I'll be thinking of you guys until you post again. Hope you all stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! You do such a great job on your lettering. I have a hard time with letters. Do you have any tips or tricks to share?

Robyn Rasmussen said...

I love your blog! Your painting is darling by the way and what a shame about all of that horrible wheather. :( We have been very blessed in the Midwest this summer. -Robyn from htt://

Carolyn@SweetChaos said...

I have a Ryan, so your sweet little painting caught my eye! You are very talented... I would never have been able to pull that off. And, I had a good laugh(sorry) reading about your car ride. Sounds exactly like something that would go on in our family. Stay safe!

Terry said...

I did something similar to this for a baby boy. You painted art is wonderful. a Great look.

andie jaye said...

i'm still loving this! total custom-order on etsy material! thanks for your support in linking up to my party!

love ya!

Jeni_Ream said...

I really enjoyed looking through all your old post :) You are a fantastic painter! You did a GREAT job on your knock off!

Jami said...

Ryan is a lucky little boy to have such a talented aunt! The knock-off is so adorable! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing it at the Tuesday To Do Party last week! Can't wait to see what you link up this week!

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