Thursday, August 25, 2011

TooT {TuTe} Thursday - Upcycle Inspiration

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In preparation for a month of Stashbusting (and sheer avoidance of cleaning the bathroom),  I've been cruising around the web community in search of some really fantastic ideas and inspiration to tackle my hoard of craft stuff.  I was mostly looking for some ways to revamp and dress up some simple T's as is seems that's ALL Alexis wants to wear to school this year.  Big suprise... I got a bit sidetracked and found some wonderful ideas to upcycle ...of all things... soda pop tab tops. 

Perhaps crafting with pop tops AKA Eco Jewelry is NOT new to you...I've not seen this one before. 
HuMoR me...mmmmkay?  There are tons of ideas for projects to upcycle pop tabs,  Here are a few for some ultimate inspiration along with 2 cute {TuTes} to get you started...

Beautiful fashion - made from recycled garments and turned into high quality eco-jewelry

An initiative in Costa Rica has the women of
Recycle Art whipping up some TabTastic wearable art
pieces with pop tops and recycled fabric scraps

                                              (image via Recycled Art)

DuctTapeRockStar created this beautiful prom dress from over 400 pop tabs... (my that's alot of Diet Dr. Pepper in my case) and it sure is a beauty!

                                                       ( click here for image source )
pop_tab_dress.jpg provides a wonderful TuTe for creating a pop top bracelet of your own using ribbon and you guessed it... pop top tabs!

Soda Pop Tab Bracelet
                                                             (image & tute via)

Make-Handmade provides a great tute for this pretty purple got it, more pop top tabs!

Just a few reminders from little old me: 

I'm offering free Ad Space here on Tiaras and Bowties... that's right, FREE!  Just send me a quick note for details.

Stop back frequently during the month of September for Stashbusting ideas!


Anonymous said...

I've been avoiding cleaning my bathroom, bedroom... it goes on... for months. Lol. I think I've already said too much there. :)

I have never heard of that before either. Very interesting ideas.

Thank you for sharing.

Kadie said...

I have heard of the pop tab braclets but I had no idea about the dresses and purses. They are pretty!!

meijo's JOY said...

What a great and inspiring ideas. Thanks for sharing this dear!

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