Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Winner of My Girlish Ways Sponsored Giveaway!

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The Winner of  the handpainted 'Glam Girl' canvas was chosen randomly over at My Girlish Whims!

 The winner from last weeks Tiaras and Bowties giveaway is....

I have recieved your email and information Angela!  I will have the canvas out to you very soon!
Check out Angela's Blog here:

A Mama's 2 Cents Worth...

This was my first EVER giveaway which was sponsored and ran by Rebecca over at My Girlish Whims.  Rebecca,  thanks for being such a sweetie!  Congrats on your engagement as well!

Don't let the fun end here!  Rebecca has yet another giveaway going on over there...go see!


I promised a bit back that when I hit 50 followers, I would be doing my very own little giveaway here to celebrate.  At this posting, I am currently at 49!  So stay tuned for those details which I am pretty sure will happen very very soon!

Thank YOU! to all of you who have taken a moment to comment and sent some luv over for Alexis and her dress!  I hope that I have responded to you all, if I haven't it's probably because you were a 'no reply' blogger.  So, I'll thank you now!  Every comment has been so very lovely and has brought me close to tears (happy tears)!  That little shortie has a special place in my heart...I'd move mountains for her!  Going to that dance was a, monumental step for her and our family!

Eventually, I would like to have at least 3-5 posts per week here on my blog ('cause I've got tons to do & show).  Right now, there's been alot going on and I haven't been able to accomplish this.  My live in Mother in Law is succumbing fast to the wonders of Alzheimer's Disease and has needed lots of my time and attention!  I have complete faith in the Lord that my free time will once again return!  Until then,  don't worry... I'm here and will try to at least keep some good stuff may be random, but it's coming!


Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

Aw thanks for the shout-out and link back Kim!! :)

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Congrats to Angela on her win! And although I am looking forward to seeing more posts from you, take it easy! I can see you must have a full plate worrying and taking care of your MIL. You are a great person and may the good Lord bless you.

Amber Victoria's Cottage said...

I send my prayers your way for you and your MIL. That is hard to cope with. Be strong my friend.

Now you have 52 followers. Woohoo!

Tiffany said...

I see you hit your 50! Congratulations! Your blog is lovely.

Be Blessed.

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