Sunday, May 22, 2011

10 Ways to Reduce Debt

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I spent a portion of today cleaning and organizing files.  I hate doing that!  I came across a list I had started a while back with some helpful hints to reduce and get out of debt.  It's an issue many of us deal with...myself included and we as a family are continuing to work at this.  Some of them are real NO brainers...I know, but I wanted to share a few with you!

1. Cancel Subscriptions  I have cancelled all my monthly magazine & newspaper subscriptions.  I figured anything I needed to know how to do I could find on this beautiful world wide web.  Many of you bloggers out there are who I turn to for how to's anyway!  This can save quite a few bucks. You can find almost anything, recipes, news, beauty tips...etc.

2. Use Coupons  A very popular TV show has really put this one into perspective!  I've started to use coupons faithfully since April and I've really saved some mucho dinero!  I try not to buy anything anymore unless I have one.  I made my mother a photo collage of Alexis' formal photos for Mother's day and had it printed free with an online coupon I found.  There are some really great website out there that are geared to help you get started.  My fav right now is Coupon Divas.
                  Coupon Divas
       They do all the hard work for ME!  They show me what's on    
       sale, what coupon to match up with & even what little coupon
       insert you can find them in.  They also have an online database. Whenever I can, unless I have a coupon that makes the name brand cheaper, I buy Store Brand too!  My kids & hubster can't tell the difference.  Believe me I've had plenty of parties where the foods been store brand & the compliments kept coming!

3.  Combine Errands to save gas.  I try to limit my running around to 2 days per week.  The price of gas is cRaZy right now (but I don't need to tell you) 

4.  Have a Garage Sale or put items in a consignment store.  We have a really great one that takes clothing and household items.  They take just a small percentage of your asking price.

5.  Stop Expensive Gifts.  It's pretty simple, just set smaller limits.  Shop online and look for the best deals on what you need.  You can find great deals on things with a lower price tag by shopping in some of the fab discount stores out there now!  Make a sugar scrub and download a printable label to use as a gift.  Crochet your friend a scarf.  Sew a coffee cozy for that friend whose birthday is next week!

6.  Barter for services.  Offer to babysit your friends kids for an evening in exchange for having your grass cut.  I've bartered painted canvas' for a piece of furniture. 

7.  Sell Hand Crafted Items at Craft fairs or online for profit.  Open that store on Zibbet or Etsy that you've been dreaming about.  I did...finally!  Check mine out here,

8.  Offer Services or Start that Home Business  You are good at many things...what can you do to use those talents?  Cook or shop for the elderly.  Transport an elderly person or disabled person to the doctors office.  Take a leap and start that business!  Did you know you can get free or very low cost business cards at sites like Zazzle and Vista Print?

9.  Make your own Cleaning Products!  They are better for your health as well as the old pocket book too.  Yes, you too can do this one.  There are tons and tons of homemade recipes online.  Many of you bloggers have the info in your own blogs too!  My standbys are good old white vinegar & water.  Baking soda is a wonderful abrasive and it also absorbs odors.  I sprinkle it all over my carpets before vaccuming.  Lemons are good cleaners and smell o'so fresh!  I actually use a bit of olive oil and lemon mixed to polish furniture.  It will not hurt the wood and leaves the house smelling fresh.  Pour Cola in the toilet bowl, let sit for 30 min. then brush and flush.  Sparkling clean bowl!   Toothpaste is also a great jewelry cleaner.  I usually just brush my rings after I brush my teeth every morning.
Vist Being Fugal,  you can find some more tips there too.

10.  Give with a Pure Heart  This is the one I think I have fallen shortest on.  Yes, we give of ourselves...but probably not as much as we should.  This isn't only monetary.  There are many ways to give;  A kind word.  Your time.  Old but useable clothing and household items.  The Bible does tell us to give.  You reap what you sow.  I'm always telling hubster -'You get what you give!'  Perhaps that one isn't alway used & said with the best of intentions tho...

I hope maybe one thing on this list helps as least one person out there.  Believe me...I do NOT have all the answers and I'm still a work in progress too! 

Just wanted to add that I am not recieving any compensation for any referrals I may make in the above article.  These are just some friend to friend hints that I hope can give you a new perspective on your finances too!


Esther is not-quite-perfect said...

Like you said, some of them are no-brainers, but it's always good to be reminded of the things we think are silly, only to go "oh yeah, why didn't I think of that?" lol

Have a great Monday!

Amber Victoria's Cottage said...

I am not renewing my magazines, except for the Romantic Homes and Victoria. I never find time to read them anyway and you are right about finding it on the web.

I love lists. Keep them coming.

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