Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Small Changes - Less Drama

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Hope all of you are having a wonderful fairy tale sort of day!  I just wanted to announce some small changes that are taking place here on Tiaras and Bowties.  Nothing major...just a few minor tweeks so to say!

I was contacted last night by a company out in Texas who asked me to make some changes to my blog...seems they have the name Smink copywrited.  Our conversation was nice, she just asked (well sorta told) me I had to stop using the word 'Smink' cause I was infringing on her copywrite...'fancy shmancy lawyer stuff'.

Now, if you know me...I'm sick of Drama!  Trying to live the Drama free life.  No More, I tell ya!  Leave my little castle outta the drama the Queen Mama can't take anymore.  Life's too short!

Our last name is Sminkey... we've always been known as 'The Sminks'.  Alexis is well known in school as 'Smink' ...Austin's the 'Little Smink or Sminkster' especially at baseball.  Jim's been referred to by quite a few names (but we won't go into that) including Shmoo Smink.  Yada Yada Yada.  I just like to think that we 'think smink' in our ways of life.

But, instead of fighting it or bitching about it or crying about it.  I said Okay!  No problem...I think she was a bit suprised by that...guess she doesn't need to contact those big lawyers she told me she had, and even invited me to stop by next time I was in Texas.  I don't feel the need to question the copyright (i haven't taken anything from her blog or website) thing... or the fact that it's from another state which as far as I know...'inc' doesn't transfer across state boundaries or anything.  I'm just gonna take the high road with my personal little blog chronically my little boring life here.

See crazy ME was a little teeny bit flattered.  My little blog, which brings me such pleasure, is apparently causing a big ruckus!  Imagine that... I luv to paint, create, and craft...I also like to share so insert blog here!  Just gonna go with the flow... slight change to the way I spell and refer to my way of thinking... it's now 'Think Sminke'... pronounce it anyway you want to ... everyone else does... Smink, Sminkeee, Sminkey, Sminkay...whatever floats your boat!  It really rhymes with Stinky as my poor kids know all too well.

So to sum it all up,  Blog: Tiaras and bowties, no URL change, no biggie.  Zibbet Shop. Name change to Think Sminke but no URL change there as well. 

Think Sminke is just a way of thinking the Sminkey way... sorta like Think Pink !  We'll still be know as the Smink family... and our crazy twisted way of thinkin and livin will never change!  I can garauntee that!

PS.  Don't forget to enter for the custom giveaway...it's still open!  Leave me a comment here or just become a follower!

I leave you with this, my verse for the day.1 Samuel 16:7"For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart." (ESV)


andiejaye said...

well now. that's the first time i've ever heard of that. how did they come onto your page? and why would they pick on you of all people. i did a quick search on bing of the word "smink". there's a smink make-up in atlanta, a smink electric in elyria, ohio. and a sminkworks book publishing company. wonder if they're contacting them too. sounds a little like a case of bullying. good for you for taking the high road. :) andiejaye @ http://crayonfreckles.blogspot.com

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

I agree with your first commenter: She is wise to think of googling the word, and I, too, think this sounds a little like bullying; and the lady from Texas should be ashamed of herself, considering that she was bulling you with bringing in lawyers. Well, just remember: "Karma..." If that lady wasn't on the 'up and up,' there will be some future karma she will have to deal with, taking your name away from you. I also agree again with the first commenter above with: GOOD FOR YOU FOR TAKING THE HIGH ROAD. :)

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

They are crazy to think people should change their names. Here locally in our area of Ontario Canada we have Smink Plumbers and a Dr. Smink etc etc. You have a good attitude about it though.

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