Saturday, May 7, 2011

Treasures #2

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It's been a very hectic stressful week!   The everyday stress of raising a multiple special needs child, the baseball lovin' little boy, the MIL with dementia and the nursing and the needs...What's a girl to do?  There are two things in this world that I find de-stressing...crafting & shopping!  Since I really couldn't stand to look at the mess which has become my house for just one minute longer I chose to GO SHOP!

...I did not go thrifting, I actually went to one of my fav spots and paid...oh no...retail!   Before you get upset and leave the dare I,  just check out a few of the treasures I found at my local Christmas Tree Shops.   Really luv luv luv that store!  They have everything!  I found some really good deals there too!

Luv luv luvin this new floor lamp!  Did I need a new floor lamp?  Well, NO, but at $9.98 on the clearance rack gorgeous shade included, who could pass that up?  Really?
Behind that on the side table, you'll see the frosted glass lamp with shade that also made it's way into my cart!  Now, that I think was the deal of the day!  Two reading lamps & another floor lamp that matches the set...all bundled togeather...also clearance...paid just $19.99 for those babies!  Shades included! 

Found this little lantern for $5.  So in luv with some lanterns as I told you here.  The photo does it no justice,  shiney and irridescant loveliness!  You can see the reading lamp a little better here too.

Picked up 2 outdoor citronella lanters that look like cattails...they had all differant colors of glass...I had to pull like 100 off the wall just to get the 2 aqua one!  My mother (who doesn't shop with me often) thought I was crazy!  Trying to Oasisfy the backyard, remember?  Those babies were only $3.99 each!  And the 2 velvet striped curtain panels,  just $2.98 each...had to get them.  I have plans for one of them already... and it doesn't involve a window!

Cute little salt & pepper shaker...didn't really need these either but so cute for $2.00, I think I'll go back and buy the matching coffee mugs I ended up putting back on the shelf.  Now those I do need. Ha!

Showed you this chair the other day here.  I already picked up 4 with similar shape cheap at a yard sale.  But this is kinda what I want them to look like!

Showed you these pillows too...but I'm still determined to make my own.  Just bought and washed a new painters canvas to start them!

My spirits were so lifted after coming back home that day I set straight to beginning a new project.  It's 99% done...I'll hit Joanne's later today to get the length of trim I need to finish it.  For now I'll just leave you with a little sneaky peaky.


andiejaye said...

i LOVE those s&p shakers. they're so cute!! great find!

also, i gave you a Most Versitile Blogger Award. go to my post here to find out more :)
:) andiejaye

Blue Creek Home said...

I think you single handedly kept this week's THT going! Thanks so much.

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