Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Choosing a Bridal Bouquet

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You want your wedding to be beautiful.
You want your wedding to a moment to remember.
Most importantly, you want your wedding to reflect who you are!

Whether a small gathering of close friends or a large gala affair- the decor, the dress, and the flowers you choose are a great way to add your personal flair to your special day.

{via KSDesigns}

wanna know what I just read published by a large wedding site?
I won't name names but this particular article stated that DIY flowers are a big NO NO.
Urging you to go buy flowers from a fancy schmancy florist who they say are the only one's you should trust to achieve a stunning gathered flower bouquet.
Went a little like this- DIY gathered flowers end up looking like a gathered mess.

SaY WHaT?????????
Guess there isn't much blogger luv over there... or they don't know us that well!

I've gathered a collection of beautiful bouquets to spark your imagination.
all of which
I really believe
in true blogger fashion that YoU CAN recreate!

Source: squidoo.com via Kim on Pinterest

Go with your heart.  Choose soft colors that reflect your romantic side.

Source: squidoo.com via Kim on Pinterest

or traditional with a vibrant sassy twist

Source: google.co.uk via Kim on Pinterest

 a touch of rustic if that's what you like... add some twigs and vines
or use only twigs and vines!

or show off your slightly wacky personality with a bouquet that's as funky as you are!
Think OuTside the box and completely avoid flowers!

let your inner DiVa sing with a bouquet of BLING!

Source: bing.com via Kim on Pinterest

Have a ball!

Source: casasugar.com via Kim on Pinterest

Go BIG with a touch of Wimsey with these bountiful buds!
go glam with the addition of some fun feathers...

Source: etsy.com via Kim on Pinterest

Remember, no matter what type of bouquet you choose...
Be You.
Have fun.
Incorporate your style!

You can DIY your way to a lavish, beautiful wedding of your dreams!

DIY Wedding on a Budget

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Paula Boudreaux said...

Those are all beautiful!

Gronny Waston said...

Eye catching flower bouquets! I am also planning to Send Mothers Day Flowers online but have never used online services. So it will be great if you could recommend any good florist that is reasonable and delivers quickly. Thanks in advance!

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