Sunday, June 3, 2012

more Moments at the Zoo

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Hope you are all having a blessed Sunday today... I am feeling so blessed to have been able to get right with my priorities lately and I find myself much happier for it!  The messy house still bothers me but I am able to realize it isn't going anywhere... but my kids are growing up and I do NOT want to miss a moment! 

Here are some more photos of the fabulous Ms A and mommy's trip to the zoo!

 It was a pretty hot day in that sun,  bet she was thinking how nice it would be to play under that waterfall there!

 There were 2 beautiful Bald Eagles, both rescued from injury and nursed back to health at the Zoo.
They are certainly beautiful birds!

 Above, please note Ms A's budding photography skills!  I do not like to be photographed since packing on a bunch of pounds these past 2 years but I'd do anything for Ms A... lol, I have to admit, the shadows from the tree make me look like I have a fantastic mustache!
 Felt like the giraffes were a great Mommy and Me moment..

 The polar bear was so much fun to watch frolic in the water... sorry about the glare, it was hard to get a good photo with the glare on the glass.  We were enthralled watching him dive under the water and shoot back to the top to play with his ball

Ms Giraffe had the right idea... that's how we felt as we ended our journey through the zoo!


andie jaye said...

some awesome pictures! i love love love those polar bears! they're one of my faves to watch! looks like you guys had fun!

Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

Great photos and you are so right, they grow up sooo quickly ~ lovely to slow down and enjoy it with them :-) Thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times!

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