Friday, June 1, 2012

A Moment at the Zoo

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My superwoman mentality has been taking it's toll lately.  You know, the I can do it all attitude.

I can do it ALL
I can do it ALL and then some
I can do it perfectly
I will put my ALL into it ALL
And when ALL of that isn't enough, I'll take on even MoRE!

I'm feeling incredibly disorganized, discombobulated, and frustrated!

I'm finally realizing I am not

I'll admit, I want to be supermom, super wife, super friend, super blogger, super painter...
I cannot...

I'm learning to just roll with it peeps, I really am!

A good friend just reminded me,
 "sometimes life throws us a whole bunch of lemons at once and when we can't catch 'em all we blame ourselves! Time to mellow I guess and accept that sometimes we just have to accept we don't have enough hands to catch them ALL!"
{thanks Rona!}

Yesterday,  I had the opportunity to shut it all off and accompany my daughter on a school field trip to the Zoo!  I haven't been to our local zoo in many many years, which is a shame considering we are only about 45 minutes away from our country's 1st Zoo here in Philly.  We had a great time just us girls... and I'd like to show you a few photos from our day!

 We were able to rent a wheelchair there but surprisingly Boom was able to walk most of the zoo!
 She has lost an incredible 20 pounds since January and still losing,  most of her joint and leg pain has disappeared and her stamina has increased by leaps and bounds... not to mention her clothes are getting a bit loose!  She learned about the huge Galapagos Turtles and was able to touch a real turtle shell... look at those little bitty babies below.

 The Cat House... my absolute favorite of animals, the BIG cats!  Roar!
 We examined a lion tooth... imagining how much that would hurt to get bit compared to a house cat,
 held and touched a leopard skull...
 and saw the Mac Daddy of all the big cats, our fave, the Bengal Tiger!

Truth be told, my favorite part of the day was sitting under tree on a bench and sharing a hoagie
{sandwich on a roll for those not familiar with a philly style hoagie- you don't know what you're missing} with my daughter!  She giggled and smiled all day, reminding me what a 'silly mommy' I am and that I'm simply a 'whack a doodle'.   Reminds me that my special girl, although turning sweet 16 very soon, is still my most precious little girl.  I am blessed by the fact that she is still childlike; so sweet and innocent.

I'll share more photos with you real soon! 
Remember, please... take a moment to sit under a tree with your little one's today- you won't be sorry you did!


Emily said...

That looks like tons of fun and you are super mom whether your doing a million things or just hanging out!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you both had a wonderful time, love all the pictures! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment. I am a follower!

Terry said...

Congrats to Boom on her weight loss and then feeling better because of it. Awesome. Love those big cats too. THanks for sharing at our party this week.

Coombe Mill said...

looks like a great day out. Well done on all your work, 20lbs is a great achievement

Anonymous said...

Wow- your Superwoman analogy is the PERFECT description of how I've been feeling lately...thanks for sharing the lemon quote! I feel better already ;) Love this post!

Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

Reading about how you spent such a wonderful day with your daughter made me smile :-) She sounds like she is doing so well, and well done to her for her weight loss ~ how fantastic! And you must have a wonderful friend to be able to share such gems as that x

Thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times!

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