Thursday, June 14, 2012

Making a Boutonniere

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Continuing on with our Weddings on Budget DIY theme, I'd like to show you how to put together a simple boutonniere!  The simple corsage I'm sharing with you today is perfect for weddings and proms or other black tie affairs...

DIY Wedding on a Budget

To Recap, we discussed Scoring Flowers on the CheapChoosing a bouquet that reflects your style, and I've given you some tips and a tute to DIY your own bouquet

The boutonniere can also be another way to showcase your personality or that of your loved one.  The basic construction is the same... just choose florals, feathers... or how about some veggies to make yours!

Basic Construction of the Boutonniere


- Focal Flower or Object of your choice {feathers, roses, poppies, or maybe a veggie?}
- Floral Tape
- Corsage pins
- Lineman's Pliers

(Optional Supplies)
- Leaves {save money and use the leaves from the stem of florals you chose}
- Floral Wire {or go ahead and use up the stems you would discard to save some moolah like I did}
- filler flowers {smaller accent pieces}

1. Trim stems {or attach a stem} to approximately  2-3 inches in length.


2. Using your floral tape {give it a little stretch to activate the 'sticky'} place the leave stem behind the rose and wrap the tape down the stem of the rose to attach.

3. Insert a filler flower of your choice {I used purple to coordinate with the bride's bouquet} and attach it's stem in the same fashion.


4.  For a simple boutonniere stop there... but feel free to add florals, feathers, and bling to your hearts content!


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