Sunday, May 13, 2012

Special Bikes for Special Kids

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Well, Happy Mother's Day friends!

I am uber excited today... see Alexis has been entered into a wonderful contest where she could win a special bike!

The Great Bike Giveaway

The Friendship Circle of Michigan has teamed up with adaptive bike companies to giveaway eighteen {18} special bikes for eighteen {18} special kids!  The contest is running on The Friendship Circle's FB page from May 13th to May 18th.  The top 14 kids with the most votes will win a bike, 4 others will receive "Director's Choice Awards". 

We would love it if you could pop over and VoTe for our daughter, Alexis Sminkey!  Alexis is unable to ride a traditional bike like most children due to her physical and mental needs... her adult trike {Santa brought her} many years ago {adapted by the hubs} is falling apart and getting too small!  Alexis has recently lost 20+ pounds and is very interested in riding again!  She wants so badly to 'fit' in with the other kids in the neighborhood!  Our family would greatly appreciate your support and your vote for Alexis!  Only 1 vote per child per person is allowed for the duration of the week!  Look for Alexis, you've seen this photo before!  To read more about Alexis' story, check out these past posts! {here, here or here}

Please feel free to share this post and contest with as many people as you can!  It would mean the world to her {and keep that smile bright} if she came in the final 18 - but we realize each and every child there deserves a new bike!  Vote and share with your heart!

Until next time,


Rona Gregory said...

done my lovelies! good luck!

Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

Good luck! Going to vote now :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm your newest follower - from KBN and Crayon Freckles. Love your blog! My daughter has special needs and is the most precious joy in my life.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to copy your button? May just be me.

Anonymous said...

My friend gave me this link for a company that makes bikes for little people. She thinks they might offer giveaways or discounts. I don't know if this is the same company or another one:

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