Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Catch up!

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Happy Hump Day!

If you've returned today for Part 3 in the Ending Bloggers Guilt series... I've had to 'roll with it' this week and postpone that little ditty for another day!  My apologies!  It's coming... it's coming.

Let's catch up a bit!  This month has been a whirlwind of crazy busy-ness!  My little assistant is still wearing his little {big} e-collar following not 1, no not 2, but 3... yes 3 surgeries in a week for a neutering job gone very very BaD! 

That was after surgery #1... done at the local SPCA neuter clinic.
Had I know then what I know now, I'd never have done this to him!
Sorry SPCA- but I don't respect you as much as I used to... humane - really?
NO pain management for the little guy and NO support- think twice about going there peeps.
{pretty little purple collar, yes he is a boy but mommy wanted purple}  
he was able to reach his incision and ripped it open!

After surgery #2- some super pain killers, antibiotics & luvin'.
Notice the longer 'vet issued' e- collar and pretty 'purple' stitches.
Mommy felt very bad as the vet chastised me for taking him 'there'.
Things went well until he ripped them out and opened his incision again.  The Vet shot some staples in there that time... poor baby.  Mommy had to profusely swear to the doc that we did NOT remove your collar and explain your freakishly long neck to the vet!  Ooohh you are so bad, BoBo!
BoBo {Orton} was still able to 'reach' that special area and this is what we resorted to:

Hey, you do what you need to do to get by...

the little stinker learned to ram him head into the walls and floor to pop the extended collar off and,
YEP- you guessed it!
Ripped them out a 4th time needing another surgery!
And the vet had to admit now that "He Hava Necka LikeA Giraffe--- and a longa tongue!"
He has 'the collar of all collars' on now.
So long, mommy has to feed him by hand because he can't get his face far enough to the food bowl.

In the midst of all of this... Ms. A had surgery on her ear too!

Wish we all could be that happy knowing we are about to have surgery huh?
She was just so happy she would be out of pain!
A simple tube removal and cleaning of the ear from a large build up of some ' ka ka' they thought was from the old tube being in there.

Yeah right!
No tube, my friend.  Docs said it's very rare to have that much tissue build up & they've never seen an ear that bad before without a 'foreign' object lodged in there!  Now we have to have a CAT scan to check the bone structure of the ear.

That's MY Girl!
She bled and had pain alot longer than usual from all the put zing they did in there.

I have a funny story for you about why my friends say I run a house for wayward souls...
another day my friend, I'll share another day!

Oh and if you're still here...
I've been up to my eyeballs in flowers!
That's just one bucket of many!

I'm helping with a wedding party... trying to keep costs low for them.
So starting in June, I'll be sharing some of my secret How to's on a 'tight' budget!

The contest ends Friday at 4pm
If you VOTE, please leave a comment here with what # you were or on Crayon Freckles Blog,
AND Alexis wins one of the bikes...
you will get 3 months of FREE AD space HERE & at Crayon Freckles!

Love ya, and til next time

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