Friday, May 11, 2012

Take Us out to the Ballgame!

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Mr. Awesome is loving baseball again this year... can't believe we are 'full swing' {pardon the pun} into the season and approaching playoffs quite soon!  Mr. A hopes to go Pro someday and this momma couldn't be prouder of her little Big Boy! 

Yes, that is my baby!
Lookin' all grown up there, he's a pitcher, a catcher and can be spotted at 3rd base quite often too! 
I'm lovin' this photo courtesy of Gina from Simply Gifted Photography!
{stop over and show her FB page some "like" love peeps}

Did you know that baseball players get all superstitious?  Yes, even the smaller ones!  Mr. Awesome's team unfortunately lost their first game... I know, so sad.  But, {in his mind} the luck changed when Mommy and Sister wore their lucky Bling shirts! 

Because I'm such a supportive MoM! {lol - really I'm just a big old dork nerd, but don't tell the kids!} I purchased some sparkly iron on transfers from the Bling Palace on Etsy and some $4.95 white tank tees from our local KMart and made some eye poppin' Baseball Tees for us to wear to the next game. 

Guess what!  They WoN that game!

I was then informed that I had to wear that shirt to EVeRY game for good luck!
You got it Mr. A!
Alexis and I also wanted to show some more baseball luv to brother, so we sat down and made these:

from an idea I found on Pintrest!

Well, mommy did all of the cutting, but Alexis game lots of moral support!  OUrs are not perfect, and we could not get the leather to straighten out but we love them just the same! 

Mr. A's team has won a bunch, lost a few... but are having fun all the same!

If you haven't done so, please stop here and vote for Alexis to win a special adaptive Bike!
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andie jaye said...

those bracelets are awesome! and the shirts are cute too! glad to hear the season is going pretty well for him!

Ann said...

Loved reading your post on Mother's Day. Our son started playing baseball at age 5 and played though college at the University of Arkansas. He got to pitch in the 2009 College World Series. In his younger years, he, too, was a pitcher and played 3rd base. The team moms and sisters all made and wore the baseball cover bracelets just like yours. I still have mine. It hangs proudly alongside my sterling silver and gemstone bracelets. Oh, I miss those days!

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