Friday, August 31, 2012

'Germ Juice' what a great gift!

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Since my kids are just 'too cool for school' teachers gifts now... {their thoughts, not mine}  we will not be starting off the year with any little bribery 'welcome' gifts for their teachers.  I kinda makes me a bit sad, but I'll just have to direct those creative juices elsewhere...

I pulled this project from the archives because I figure it's still a useful gift and most appropriate for this time of year, teacher gift or not!

The end of the school year is fast approaching and I haven't managed to get much done yet for our many wonderful teachers.  The teachers we've had this year deserve so very much. 

I wanted to share a very quick, very easy, very affordable way to show some thanks to those teachers. They are absolutely fabulous people.  I know, these are not exactly an idea that has not been done before...but this is my version!

The supply list for this one is quite simple!  Thank Goodness!
All you need are hand sanitizer bottles (removable labels work best).  You can even use the generic store brand for this one because you will remove all the brand labeling.  These were 99 cent bottles.
Stickers, Vinyl, Stencils, Paint...anything you can use to get a saying onto the label!  Color & saying of your choice... and some ribbon.  I used glittery pink stickers for mine.  All of our teachers this year are female.  Yeah!  'Cause you know I luv PINK and I luv luv luv anything BliNGy!

I chose 2 short sayings that would fit with the size stickers I chose.
For Austin's teacher..."Germ Juice".  He was NOT happy about the pink stickers so we compromised on the color of the ribbon.  After all, it's not for him!  Geez, boys...!

For Alexis' teacher ..."A Squirt Kills Dirt".  Wanted to use the phrase 'just' a squirt kills dirt, but it wouldn't fit.  Oh well, don't sweat the small stuff.

Unless you want to use some of the hand sanitizer... or take another shower...

Very simple as promised and each on cost me less than $2 to make!

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