Friday, August 3, 2012

Changes on the Horizon- a Sparkly Transition!

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This week has been a lot about 'from my heart'... feelings, anxieties, and one big pity fest.
This week has also been about hope.  Hope for myself and for a future full of celebration, high self esteem, and empowerment for all young {and not so young} girls everywhere!
If you've been here a while you know that I've been all about "Never Dulling your Sparkle", meant for my daughter and all those like her who live life special.  Joining the ranks at Speak Now feels like the greatest blessing for me and my family... to expand upon that sentiment on a much bigger scale.

Totally immersing yourself in a dream such as this is amazing yet frightening at the same time.  As I've been so absolutely engrossed in finding ways to build my daughter up... feelings from my past have emerged.  Those remnants of self doubt, fear and rejection have reared their ugly beastly heads recently as I realize that I must make a change within myself... one must truly begin to accept one's self before expecting those around them to do the same, right?  So bear with me my dear friends as this whole "sparkle and shine transition" occurs... please.

The funny thing about all of my worry about my daughter is the fact that she is so much stronger than I often realize... many of the fears I hold for her are exactly that... MiNe!  You may remember the dance... if you're new here you can catch up on her first solo high school Happy Dance here.  The memory is etched in my brain - fear... crying... hyperventilating; no, not hers, but mine!  It's finally hitting home that much of my panic and anxiety over her are stemming from my own perceptions of how I think she will feel, how I think others will behave... based on those demons from my past.  Oh what I am learning from these kids of mine is mind blowing.  The strength and determination she holds greatly surpasses my own... yes, she has fear, but she shoves it down and sparkles.  She had the best time at that dance; dancing and laughing with all of the kids, she felt beautiful and it showed.  When she found out about my 'crying episode' she told me I was just plain silly... 're-dic-a-lus'.  That was not the face of a girl in turmoil... I now begin to understand.

We are 7 days and counting to the dreaded hearing aid retrieval.  They are ready and we will meet with the good Docs for a first fitting and adjustment.  My stomach turns with dread as I start to imagine her first day back to school in September wearing them.  Although she is still a bit apprehensive over the whole ordeal she is starting to accept the fact that this will be her next obstacle and she will meet it head on.  I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time at school though... as she states,
"It's okay Mom... if anyone even thinks they're gonna make fun of me... I'm gonna punch 'em in the face...{imagine a big old smile as her arm swings to imitate her version of a left hook}".
That's dealing right?  She'd never... I hope, anyhoo...

So if you're still here reading {Bless you if you are} I supposed what I'm trying to achieve here is to let you know that things are changing a bit {again} here at T&B... for those of you who follow for the crafts and paint projects; they are coming!  Promise!  Along with so much more!  Tiaras and Bowties will be taking on a fresh new look in the upcoming weeks thanks to a new blog design from Andie at Crayon Freckles.

These are my plans... organization is key, right?  I don't have the details sorted out but here's what I'm thinking:

     * Tip Toe Thru Tuesday will remain every Tuesday, I love to see what you've been up to. The two most viewed and one of my favs will also be revealed as always!

     * I'm striving to bring you at least 1 or 2 crafty DIY type posts a week... mine, yours... we'll see.{Perhaps- Made Monday or something like that and again later in the week}
     * A BEaUtiful Segment weekly featuring healthy tips!  Boom and I have been working hard at getting healthy,  so I'm thinking of posting a weekly segment for those of you who would like to follow and perhaps join our journey.

     * Something Sparkle Worthy will be thrown in each week too!  That's where I'll need your help dear friends... ideas, projects, stories... contact me for more details.

     * and Free Ad Space for You!  I'd like to give you free ad space on T&B for the next, oh, say 6 months!  Contact me to get your button on my sidebar!  We are almost at 300 GFC followers alone and I am expecting that number to increase with the launch of the new interactive Speak Now website.  Send me your buttons for your blog or shop... let's see where we go from here!

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I Know The Plans I Have For You said...

I absolutely love this post! I love how your daughter said she'll punch them! I wanted to introduce myself. .
I'm Jill. I'll be doing the jewelry for Speak Now, Speak Out Loud! Ellie is amazing right! Well I have 2 girls and as parents I know we worry more for them then they do, its just the way it is! Your daughter seems like an amazing, strong, inspirational girl! I'm excited to get to know you more! I wwould love to swap with you!

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