Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Hearing Aid Day!

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It's Friday... Yeah! 
So today was the day... the big day... the day we picked up the oh so dreaded hearing aids!

I'm happy to say that after a lot of finger nail picking {a ticking noise boom makes when nervous} and battling a downpour of heavy rain, thunder and lightening... we made it our local Children's Hospital to meet with our audiologist and get the little buggers!  Mommy's stomach was in knots anticipating how Boom would handle this, would she be sad?  Would she be angry?  The storms outside turning day into night seemed to reflect the darkness that filled my heart.

At first, Boom wouldn't make eye contact with me... she wanted me to think she was 'fine' with everything, but I think she was anticipating some degree of physical pain or a degree of uncomfortableness {by the way, there was none}.  From the moment she put them in I saw a degree of relief wash over her little face... then a half smile. 

After receiving the aids, she decided she needed to use the potty... so we went.. and {I'm still amused at this...} she looked up at me with eyes as big as silver dollars and a smile filled her face, she then said, "Hey Mom, I can hear myself pee pee!"  I found this amusing because I had never stopped to think she hadn't heard herself tinkle before.  I had never really stopped to think about all of the things perhaps she was not hearing that I took for granted she just heard!   On the way home she complained a bit about the "squeaking" noise her hearing aid was making, I couldn't hear it, but she swore it was squeaking... I reached over and turned the radio down; just then we both realized the 'squeeking' was not coming from the aid but from the windshield wipers... squeaking across the glass with the blasting rain.  Another little sound we realized she never heard before...  For her, those little sounds are for today, very intriguing... 

We are both a bit relieved at the sleek design of the aids... almost undetectable from a frontal view, and from the side... her pink and purple chosen swirl adorns her inner ear.  For today, I have a happy smiling child who can now hear all of those little sounds we {me} may take for granted! 

As summer continues to wind down here, and as the school year fast approaches, I am sure there will be a bit of apprehension within Boom... but I know that it will pass.  Speaking of returning to school, I wanted to share with you a wonderful opportunity to give and to receive,

My dear friend, Andie from Crayon Freckles has partnered with Boys and Girls Club of America to help support their Tools for Back to School Program. 

"Too many kids in America are falling behind in school and life before they even get started. Oftentimes, this is not due to a lack of ability but to the lack of access to both basic tools, such as notebooks and pens, and to quality after-school programming that helps prepare kids for academic success and, inevitably, a great future." {Boys & Girls Club of America}

The Boredom Busters Backpack- an eBook compiling over 50 amazing activities to keep your children busy is a free gift to YOU with just a $10 donation to the Boys and Girls Club of America!  Won't you donate today?  Simply press the donate button below, it will take you where you need to be to donate... and download the eBook as a special gift to you!

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andie jaye said...

aww... sweet girl! that's just amazing all the things she never experienced before. so amazing for her!

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