Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pink Sand Pales and Lollipop Topiaries... Oh My!

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The other day I shared a glimpse at Boom's Sweet 16 party complete with all the pink a girl could want along with a bit of zebra for some sass too!  My goal was to create a fabulous party complete with themed details without breaking the bank.  Simple touches like our duct tape label water bottles, pink backdrop and bunting banner,  and sugar coated cake really helped set the stage.

Let's take a closer look at some of the other little details we incorporated, like this quick and easy Lollipop topiary!

A simple terracotta pot was painted black and a ball of floral foam from the dollar store, covered with hot pink tissue paper was stuffed into the opening.  Tootsie pops and gourmet lollies in delish flavors such as  pink lemonade, strawberries and cream, and watermelon were simply stuck, stick first into the floral foam.  My son, made the contribution of the large marshmallow pop smack down in the center.

Pink Watermelon licorice, pixie sticks, and candy buttons were placed into glass vases from the dollar store. 

Pink sand buckets were used throughout the party in various ways such as holding the shiny pink party horns... which the adults were soon to hate!

Chips and pretzels were placed in large pink sand buckets instead of traditional bowls.

A pink pail also doubled as an ice bucket in the drink area where 'Sweet Tea' in a dispenser was a big hit.  Hot foods such as fresh cooked turkey and meatballs in gravy were served from crock pots {yes, function won over fashion with the hot foods!} but cold salads such as potato salad and cole slaw were offered in little pink pales complete with shovels for spoons!

We were blessed to spend the day with great friends and family, as I say 'a party is only as good as it's guests!'  This party was spectacular in Boom's eyes... as she felt truly loved!

I truly hope you've all enjoyed these glimpses into our special day... feel free to ask questions about any of our decor {or recipes...hee hee} I'd be happy to share a more in depth tute with you if you'd like! 

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Multiples Mom said...

I love the lollipop topiaries. using the bucket for ice for drinks is also very creative. Thank you for coming by and linking to Artsy Play Wednesday on Capri + 3. I hope you will join in the fun each week.

: 0 ) Theresa

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