Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Believe- Time for Speak Now

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This is for you
and this is for me.
This is for the idea, the dream, the wish for self love and empowerment for all young women.
I believe in the idea.

 It is for her,

so she may hold her head high and know that she is worthy of all this world holds.

So that all young women we cherish will know their worth as well.

Coming together for all those who have ever doubted, for all who have ever faltered or felt rejected..
I invite you to visit and follow along with Speak Now.

This is for all women everywhere of every race, every age, every belief
bound together by an idea of respect, love and empowerment.

It's interactive.
It's powerful.
It's going to move mountains!

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1 comment:

jill wilhelm said...

This is beautiful Kimberly!

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