Monday, September 17, 2012

Wooden Train Set Revival

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Sorry for the mommy outburst this morning... I've debated pulling that post, but decided that It's my blog and part of my life so I may as well let you all in on the 'behind the scenes' here!

A few hours with a paintbrush can work miracles and I couldn't wait to show you my newest little revived treasure! 

I recently had a chance to get out and do some thrifting at the local GW. I absolutely love to shop. I admit I get a thrill from it, especially when I find some really neat stuff for my home and shop at some wonderful prices! As I meandered the isles of the thrift store... my eyes always gravitate to all things wood and paintable.  {I saw the most adorable old couch with scrolled  claw feet, but unfortunately was not able to purchase it... sob sob}.  I pretty much had all I could afford to grab that day when my eyes spotted a small unfinished wood box, shaped like a briefcase.  At first I thought it was one of those art sets you can find just about anywhere.  I almost just kept on walkin'.

As I started to walk by, I decided to just go ahead and take a little peek... even if it were one of those art sets... the unfinished box alone would make a great surface to paint a lil something onto...

To my surprise, as I opened the latches... it was the cutest little wooden magnetic train set!

The tracks and animals are in an almost new state; the little train has seen some wear... nothing that couldn't be fixed though... I think?  The price was certainly right so I put the little cutie in my cart. 

I thought and thought on that little box for about 2 days and this morning I just grabbed a pencil, sketching out a cute little train right onto both sides of the box.  Grabbing the paint, I set out to create a cute little train case fit for any little conductor!

One side, the text, "My Train" was added with some thinned black paint and a liner brush.  The other side was left with no text, so that it can be personalized.  

Here's a close up of the little train... {don't worry, the smiley faced watermark isn't part of the design}

Debating whether I should place him the Shop or hold him back for the craft fairs I will be doing in October.  Kinda wishin' Awesome was a bit smaller to play with it... but somehow I don't think 11 year old boys play with little magnetic train sets, lol. 

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andie jaye said...

ooooh! i vote craft fairs... it'll only take a pair of cute hands and a puh-leease and it'll be sold!

Kathy Moody said...

Oh my are so creative and talented. The train is adorable! Perfect project for A Bouquet of Talent!!! :)
Thank you so much for sharing. I love it.

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