Thursday, September 6, 2012

In the Crock Pot Chili Dinner {slow cooker meal}

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This Momma's on another mission to continue to provide yummy, healthy home cooked meals to the family.   To date, Mommy and Alexis' weight have stayed pretty much the same which is a bit discouraging but we've decided to look at the bright side and celebrate that we have not gained either!  Summer was such a whirlwind and as I mentioned before, we were eating takeout a little too much!  I'm trying very hard to stick to my goal of ordering out much less and we've done pretty well.

Our Autumn Keilbasa and Kraut was a big success, although the kids didn't eat the kraut!  We served our family of 6 plus my mom and dad from that one crock pot dinner.   The left over kraut was packed in single serve plastic freezer bags and frozen for when the urge for a hot dog with a little something extra arises.  The cost for the ingredients was about $9 including some crusty rolls so it all rounded out to a little over a dollar per serving, not too shabby!

In the pot today is a little tummy warming Chili.  We've had rain for the past few days and the cooler temps and dreary days have been calling for another home cooked stick to your ribs meal.  Chili is such a quick and easy dish to whip up, doesn't cost a fortune, and is also a great lunch reheat!

     4 Cans Kidney Beans {I use canned you can substitute dried if you wish!}
     2 cans Sliced Stewed Tomatoes
     1 Can of Tomato Paste {optional- makes it a bit thicker}
     2 Packets of Chili Seasoning {add more or less to taste}
     1 lbs Ground Beef and Ground Turkey mix {use the ground meat of your choosing}
     2 Bay leaves {optional}

Optional Items:
     Crushed Red Pepper to taste
     Crusty Bread Loaf, Rolls, or Cornbread for dippy!

Chili is a special treat for our family, the all love it but the beans are not a great choice for Alexis due to her kidney disease... Kidney Beans have a lot of Phosphorus so we don't eat this too often.  With any recipe or meal planning, work around your family's dietary needs as best you can.  Limit salt for those with blood pressure issues, sugar for diabetics, use lower fat containing ground meats such as the turkey or even ground chicken for those watching their fat intake too!

So here's the How To:

Place stewed tomatoes into the crock pot first.  My kids don't really appreciate the big chunks of deliciousness so I simply squeeze them and break them up {clean hands are a must!}  Then add the tomato paste and packets of chili seasoning.  You can do all of this as you are browning your meat, just watch the stove!  Give a good stir before adding the kidney beans and drained browned meat.  Drop in 2 Bay leaves for some added flavor.  Place your lid, turn on low and allow to simmer the rest of the day!  About 4-6 hours is all it should take!  Serve with some crusty bread and you'll have one happy family! 

Leftover Ideas:
     -Top a hotdog and add some cheese!
     -Spoon some chili over some Baked Nacho chips, add a bit of cheese and a dollop of sour cream!
     -Place a few tablespoons into a flattened dough biscuit and make a chili pocket!
     -Great reheat for lunch tomorrow too!

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Emily said...

That looks yummy girl!

Sweet Boutique said...

Looks so good, and since we actually were in the 70's today, I just might make chili again soon.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love how simple this recipe is! Will definitely give it a try!

boulevardsg said...
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