Monday, September 17, 2012

Cheese with the Whine?

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"Want some cheese with that whine?"

It's Monday, Yeah!  Yea right... I found myself rambling that sentence over and over in my head this morning as my little man headed out the door for school, no not a subliminal message towards him, but to myself.   I've hardly shut the door to a very long incredibly stressful past week only to have to open it again for another incredibly long busy week starting today.  Ms. Alexis {aka Boom or Lolly} had 2 doctor appointments last week which leads us to more tests as always... this week we have 3 more specialist appointments plus 2 back to school nights, 2 baseball practices for Awesome, 1 picture day and lots of work {all with this gosh darn vertigo that won't go away}.   

My apologies to anyone who went looking for my post on raising a daughter in 2012 yesterday, It did not go live {yet} on Speak Now... don't know why, just didn't. I'm sure it will go up soon and I'll let you know... mmmmkay? *WE ARE LIVE NOW.*

We {Lolly and I} see a weight management specialist {well, Lolly does... but Mommy is just as accountable being the person who buys and makes the food!} every couple of months.   We are both a bit on the plump end of the spectrum... I'm sure you've already figured that out!  Alexis' main syndrome, Albright's Hereditary Osteodystophy is often accompanied with excess weight, well it pretty much always is {google it and you'll see} but her weight was causing her lots of lovely little problems {on top of the health problems she already has}.  Last October, one of her Docs mentioned she was a candidate for gastric bypass... mommy was horrified.  At 4 foot 1, my little princess is well, little in height- you know 'short for her weight'.  I begged the Docs for a chance to do this on our own... and Ms. Thang has lost 26 pounds.  Yeah, Lexi!  She has shrunk a bit, feels a whole heck of a lot better, has little joint and leg pain... but it's not enough.  It's never enough.

Scene 1:  Mall shopping for back to school.  Run into an uncle we haven't seen in ages.
Uncle- What's up kiddo?  What are you up to?
Me- School shopping and getting a bit of exercise in too.
{random babble}
Me- Alexis has lost 26 pounds... we are so proud of her.
Uncle- Really? {eyes glancing up and down her frame}  You mean, she was even bigger than that?
Me- {politely excusing ourselves... wanting to slap some stupid out of some people... why you Mother of Magic, Stinkin, &**$^!!!

Scene 2:  local Farmers market... this past friday night walking around and browsing different shops.
Random child 1:  What's wrong with that girl Mommy?
Random child 2:  Look at that girl... why is she so big?
Random child 3:  Why does she have funny shoes?
Random child 4:  She has funny hands?
Random child 5:  {loudly while staring at Alexis} What's wrong with her Mommy?  Why is she so Fat?
{reassuring Alexis for the millionth time she is beautiful and not to worry, those kids don't know any better... ok, we are outta here}

Is it ever enough?
Why can't people just love one another?

I'm an adult... I can take it.

Mind blowing, esteem crushing, devastation for a mentally challanged 16 year old girl who can't understand why people are so mean... why they can't just love her for who she is...

Our weight loss journey continues... her low salt, low fat, low sugar, low calorie, low phosphorus diet continues... Not for our looks but for our health... I love her no matter her size.  So this busy week starts again... counting sodium and phosphorus levels... more doctors, more work.

I want a piece of cheesecake for go with my whine, but I won't.  I want to be a 'Do as I Do" mommy... not the Do as I Say mommy I've been lately.  So if I seem a bit distant this week, if I don't respond right away to your sweet comments, please understand... I am just a bit overwhelmed right now, in a bit of survival mode... I'll get back to good.

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Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

It always amazes me how clueless people can be about what is and isn't appropriate to say. It is bad enough that people think horrible things like that but they definitely should learn not to say everything that comes out of their mouths. Kudos to you for now going ballistic with all of them.

Jennifer said...

As hard as life can be, isn't it amazing that others can make it that much harder? Thank you for showing others how you can deal with life's problems with grace. I think it's great that you want to be an example for your daughter--weight-wise and also how to deal with insensitive people.

andie jaye said...

aww....poor lex. i just. i don't get it... i just have to have faith that God is working through her for something magnificent. she's got such a bright light. so glad that she's got you to help her through.

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