Friday, September 21, 2012

Embellished Lantern Swag- A How To!

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It's Official-- It's the last day of Summer!
I know, I know it's sad... but let's choose to look at the bright side of things.
Tomorrow is the First Official Day of Autumn!

Let's look forward to those crisp fresh air days spent in the pumpkin patch,
the aroma of fresh apple or pumpkin pies baking, 
the scent of an apple spice candle burning in our homes.

Let's welcome and feast our eyes on the fresh warm colors of fall.
Ocre and Pumpkin Orange.
 We can celebrate the season by inviting all of those rich colors and textures back into our homes!

Yesterday I shared the idea of adding ambiance into our homes with lanterns.
Embellished Lanterns and Candle holders to be exact.

Let's make one today, mmmmkay?
The Lantern Swag

Oh, you may have recognized my lantern- a little something from Pier One... {only paid $15 for that little piece of Moroccan happiness missing a glass pane in the back, yeah me!} but any lantern will do... even an old antique rusty one would look lovely with a bit of embellishment!

All you need to make your sway is a few feet of beautiful ribbon {I found this to die for Owl print in fall colors}, a few feet of Poly Mesh Ribbon {my new obsession} a floral sway {pre-made or feel free to use your own arrangement of flowers}, and a bit of thin floral wire!

I don't measure.
I work by what looks good to me.
That said, begin to make a 4 loop bow with the poly mesh ribbon-
 be sure it's slightly larger than the floral spray you have chosen.
Gather the center of your loops and tightly wrap with the wire to secure. 

Next, make a 6 loop bow out of the smaller satin ribbon and wire that onto the poly mesh bow.

Be sure to trim the tails of your ribbon with an inverted 'V'~ just looks nice!

Next grab the main stems of your floral swag and loop a long length of poly mesh ribbon through,
make sure you use a very long length of ribbon for this step, probably more than you think you'll need as the tails created are used to attach your swag to the lantern later.

Knot it tightly.

Tie the swag to the center of the bows you made earlier.

Since poly mesh is so wide, I like to slit the tails lengthwise right up to the knot.
I just love how this stuff curls up and looks so sparkly fancy...

Using one length of the split tails from each side, attache your sway to the lantern simply by tying it on.   Simply work the other side of tails through your arrangement.
Fluff your bows a bit and viola!

 The Floral swags look great on lanterns indoors or out.
If you don't have a lantern, 
you could also use them to dress up a lamp base, or a tall candle stick... tie it to anything 
for a beautiful fall touch!

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SweetPepperRose said...

Hi! visiting thru It's So Very Cheri Fall Count Down party - you've put together a lovely fall decor project. I love lanterns, of any type.

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Stopping by from Life on Lakeshore Dr. This is a fabulous project. You have a great eye for balance. I'm not so good with the floral stuff!

Kathy Moody said...

This is beautiful!! You did a fabulous job. I forgot to tell you the other day....I won the Inlinz giveaway for a year!! That's why I started my party. Still can't believe I won. LOL

Thank you soooo much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent. I appreciate your support so much. HUGS

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