Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Shelf that got me in TrouBle!

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Thanks for coming back to visit with me today!  Happy Hump Day where ever you may be!  I am so excited to share with you the book shelf that got me in BIG trouble!

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Okay, so you may be wondering why I got into trouble with this bookshelf... let me explain.  While spring cleaning these last 2 weeks, I came across a HuGe world Atlas that I never knew we had.  No one knew whe had it for that matter.  Haven't a clue where it came from.  Thought about donating it and placed it into a box for charity.  UnTIL...

the light bulb went off in my head to use some of the maps to line this bookshelf.

At the first rrrripppp, I knew I was in trouble when I felt the glaring brown eyes of Ms Boom boring a hole in my forehead.  

Ms A: What do you think you are doing?
Me:  Ripping maps from this book I found.
Ms A:  You know {sing songy with emphasis on the know} it is unacceptable to rip books!
Me:  It's okay Alexis... I'm going to use the pieces in a craft idea I have.
{dead silence at this point... imagine crickets chirping... glaring eyes and silence.}
Ms A:  You really should be ashamed of yourself mom I am telling on you I don't know who I'm telling but I am telling and you are going to be arrested and put in jail the book police are going to come and you are going to be so sorry!
{yes, she rambled all of that in one long run on sentence with no breath in between words}

Guess I had been told about  myself, huh?  Years of teaching her not to rip books bit me in the butt!

But, with my mod podge in hand, a chip brush, and lots of ripped maps I set myself down to decoupage.  Overlapping lots of gorgeous maps from all over the world to the inside of the self.

This self has been every color of the rainbow... each I hated more than the last.

In the following photos you will see that I am so NOT the master of decoupage!  Have found out since that I probably spread my mod podge too thin which caused all of the wrinkling as it dried.  No amount of rubbing and pushing could get those bubbles to go down... sob.

On the flip side, I really brushed up on world geography!

When my maps were all good and dry and as smooth as I could get them,  I added 3 small and 2 large bushel baskets {left over from bunny bushel basket project here} instead of spending a fortune on really large wicker ones I had originally intended for kid storage.

 Small, affordable, and easy steps to making our house a home.

Little touches like the painted Bunny Bushel Basket add a bit of color for spring as we tidy up.

A touch of decor added by one 10 year old boy below.

Doesn't everyone have sports shoes and a {clean} jock strap on display in their Easter Basket?

Thanks Awesome!

Praying you all had a wonderfully blessed Easter!


Paula Boudreaux said...

Lol...I love the added sporting decor! I have 6 boys, none of them "get" any of my decorating ideas! I keep trying though!

Brie Holtrop said...

haha too funny. I love that your daughter yelled at you. I can never figure out how to not make the stuff wrinkle either...but your shelf turned out great! :)

Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

andie jaye said...

she's too funny! i love the way that turned out, though! i would've done the same thing.

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Oh my goodness ... the book police are going to arrest you and send you to book ripping jail!



Linda Leyble said...

So funny!!!! I loved it! Great idea and great post. I loved that "sing-song" on the "know." That cracked me up! And the shoes and the clean jock strap! Funny, funny!

Thanks for the follow!


Pranjali said...

hello. You have a beautiful blog here. I liked it very much.Happy to follow you dear. Do visit my blog in your free time.

Ash the Bash said...

This is great, I did the same thing with an old ikea side table that we were going to throw out. it is now one of our favourite bits of furniture.

I also struggled to get everything nice and smooth when I was decoupaging. xox

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