Thursday, April 26, 2012

Growing Up Healthy by Growing Naturally

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As the mom of a medically complex child and a very busy 10 year old, it's extremly important to me to provide them with every opportunity to grow up as healthy as they can!  Providing healthy and nutritious snacks and meals has become a big priority in our house - having lots of fruits and veggies around is a must... but can be quite pricey as you may know!

So, now that summer is peeping around the corner - I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty and planting an even bigger and better veggie garden than last years 2 tomato plants, a strawberry bush that produced about 5 strawberries {whoopee}, 3 kinds of herbs, and 5 string bean plants!  Our garden last year was not a complete FaiLuRe but I know that my 'crop' would have produced more abundantly if had taken the time to properly prepare my soil and feed my plants!

This year is going to be different with the help of Whitney Farms® line of 100% organic plant food and organic soil

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With Alexis' compromised immune system and her body developing so many food allergies I've made a push to provide as many 'clean' foods as possible.  We are all exposed on a daily basis to harmful pesticides, chemicals, and pollutants just in the air we breathe... having peace of mind that the yummy foods grown in our garden are all natural and additive free is priceless!   Whitney Farms® full line of products provides just that; peace of mind knowing they are all 100% organic, from the earth, with NO artificial additives.

I'd love to have a few compact container gardens around my yard like this... functional beauty!



Perhaps a larger raised bed like this {if the hubster feels like getting dirty too} using organic soil.


Source: via Kim on Pinterest


When I'm ready to get that garden going, no matter what size, I know I'll be using some Whitney Farms® products... especially the Tomato and Vegetable Food.  There is nothing quite like a fresh tomato fresh from the vine!

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Whitney Farms® has been around for 25+ years and their products have only improved with time Some great features worth mentioning:

- Easy to apply

- Low to No Dust {great for allergy & asthma suffers like I have}

- No Manure Smell!  {That's important peeps... I'd rather be smelling the magnolias and roses}

- Contains beneficial macrobes

- Specially designed protein- based blends...which provide both the macro and micronutrients needed to produce thriving beautiful plants


They have even offered Tiaras and Bowties readers a printable coupon for $3 off so you could give their products a try!  CLICK {HERE Whitney Farms®} TO GET YOUR COUPON!

I'm excited to start planting and look forward to a bigger better garden this year so that my kids can grow up healthy by growing Naturally healthy foods!  Are you ready to take the organic plunge in your garden this year?

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