Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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I had to pop in today to share with you a blog and a story that has absolutely touched my heart today.

Matter of fact... I have been breaking out in sobs all day.

The story is so inspirational yet heartbreaking at the same time.

Please take a moment to meet Avery.  I heard about Avery this morning on our local news but her story is going global.

This sweet 5 month old angel has been diagnosed with an incurable genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and is not expected to live past 18 months of age.  Mom and Dad have started a blog called Avery Can, which chronicles Avery's little life from 'her' point of view.

Taken from Avery's intro:

Avery, Mom and Dad want nothing more than to share their story and raise awareness for genetic testing for the disorder.  Mom and Dad would like the story to go viral, so I am doing my little part to help make that happen.  If you have not heard this incredible story yet... please take a moment to make Avery Smile!

As my family awaits some genetic testing as well for another rare genetic disorder which Alexis may have- I can only add personally that words cannot express my sorrow for this family.  I only hope and pray that Avery beats the odds and that the days pass slowly for them.  My wish for them is simply that they smile, laugh, love and enjoy every moment with her as they knock things off the bucket list!

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Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

Thanks for sharing this, Kim! I already read an article on about it, but it's nice to get the word out as much as possible.

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