Monday, April 30, 2012

It's not easy being {Key Lime} Green!

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Oh baby, It is NOT easy being green, especially lime green.

I love color... I can spend an hour in Home Depot or Lowes just staring at all the paint samples... buying up every cheap can of Ooops paint I can get my hands on.  All of my children's art are bright, cheery and colorful.  I love to experiment with color in my art.  It's taken a while, but the bright apple-ish lime-ish home accents I've seen explode around blogland this year have won me over...
                 or so I thought!

It all started with an old window and an idea... oh yes and a can of Key Lime Green spray paint!

believe you me... it's brighter than it looks.

After seeing that beautiful pop of lime green coat the window... I began my mission - spray in hand, to brighten up my front porch a bit.  You know those little pops of color that pull you in to a space?
I grabbed a Dollar Store resin statue I had picked up a few months back {with the intention of sprucing it up a bit} and started spraying!  I had a before shot, but of course, can't find it now! 

The front porch is getting a bit shabby {see the chippy banister railing there just screaming for some new paint?} but for now, I'm trying to just go with that Shabby feel and add some fun- welcoming- summery touches to brighten up the space {and distract the eye from the drabs}.

Oh, I just loved how these cute little birds just screamed "Hello".  I was proud of myself for taking a leap out of my usual boring soft color pallate and adding a pop of modern decor {if I can get away with calling a dollar store chachtke painted lime green modern decor}.  I just couldn't stop there!

Did I mention the Hubster wasn't home yet?

'cause you all know that's when the BeSTesT most creative ideas strike, right?

So with can in hand... I pulled the sad little mailbox off our wall.

{yes... it's been like this for over a year now... I had great plans for this mailbox...}

It's on our outter wall, right next to the front door... we RENT, the box was pretty crappy, I hated it, in rental world if it ain't broke... it doesn't get fixed... so your crafty renter... paints it!  Seeing as how last years makeover was never completed, I decided to give it a 'pop' of color too and hung it back on the wall!

Now, I know what you are all thinking I've went completely utterly bonkers, and truth be told... I hated my new color choice for that little mailbox.  The photos really do no justice to the vibrancy of this color!  Seriously, Glow in the DARK green.  I really don't want to be known as the crazy, craft hoarder, lime green lovin' lady who lives at the end of the street...BUT dinner needed to be cooked, so I decided I'd wait and fix it another day.

Hubster came home right as I was cleaning up my mess... looked at me and said,
"You're gonna paint that right?"
Me: "I Just did!  Don't ya love it!"
...dead silence on hubby's part as he quietly shook his head back and forth and entered the house.

I realized that perhaps lime green is not for me.  It's been 2 weeks and the color is still not growing on me but that's the great thing about paint!  If you mess up, just start over... it's only color, so pick a new one!  Hubby still thinks I love that little green mailbox as of today and I'll let him keep thinking I love that kermit colored box that "pops" with color from at least 150 feet away!  Well, for a little while anyway, til I get another can of spray paint!

Wondering what I did with the window?
You'll have to stop back next time to see that!

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Lish said...

LOVE the green!!! So springy!

andie jaye said...

bwahahaha! you crack me up! i get spray paint happy too... i'll paint anything that isn't moving! it is a tad bright, though, isn't it? maybe it'll grow on the both of you :)

Megan said...

my favorite color! love it! and I can't wait to see what you do with the window!

thanks for linking up to Make it Monday!

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