Thursday, April 19, 2012

Take a Leap of FaiTH!

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Many of you may be familiar with the old kid's poem which starts out, "I know you get discouraged because I am so small".  That keeps running through my head today, only it goes more like this:

"I keep getting discouraged because I am so small" not because I leave finger and handprints on walls and certainly not from a size standpoint, but
from a business/blog standpoint that's how I've been feeling.  The point of this post is not so make you suffer through my whiney boo hoo feelings. 

It's about taking a leap of FaiTH! 
It's about starting SoMwheRe.

I read a post the other day {and posted a link on FB, so if you follow Kimberlys Sminkey Designs on FB you may have seen it} from Chris Brogan about being okay where you are because it means you are somewhere.  Really made me stop to think.  If you're fat {like me} and want to be skinny,  If you're business or blog is small and perhaps struggline and you want more than anything to succeed... be okay where you are and take small steps to get where you want to be!  Like a baby learning to walk, we are certainly gonna wipe out a few times but it will get easier.

My LeaP of FaiTH has begun.  I am okay with where I am at BuT I am taking baby steps to get where I want to be.

I recently took a step to securing a garage, near my home {across the street actually} where I will now set up my very own little sudio!  I've wanted a place to call my own, work on bigger projects, get the crap outta my dining room.
YeS, it is scary for me to take on the added monthly bill for the rent of my studio... and I almost backed out.  Baby Steps!
It's a bit rough around the edges...

 It's a bit dirty right now... and honestly other than cleaning up, I'm not sure if I'll 'pinkify' it or girl it up... the hubs seems to think this gargae is half his?  Don't know where he gets that idea from, lol.

I guess I kinda gotta have to let him in... he is cleaning up the spinder webs and gook and such.

I know it's not much right now... but BaBy StePs!
I've been able to spray paint whenever I want which is a big plus!

So ladies and gents... that's that for today!  Be okay with where you are right now... we all have to start somewhere, right?   Don't forget to link up your projects in our Co-hosted linky Tip Toe Thru Tuesday {here}


Paula Boudreaux said...

I agree with your message today! I look at your blog, and see it so developed and full of good things, all those buttons and stuff on your sidebar, and just stare in wonder. The Linky party...your posts and projects! You seem way ahead of "baby steps".
I feel just like that, and have reminded myself just the same with every full blog I see, "just one step at a time" and I will get there one day.
Good luck with your new design space! I share my space with my childrens toys, and I dont know why, becasue they dont even play with the toys anymore, but I guess they arent yet to the stage to completely give them up...
Good luck containing your hubbys "toys"!

andie jaye said...

yay! so awesome! can't wait to see what you do with and in the place! :)

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