Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lamp BaseTopiary for Fall

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I did it!

I Finally Did IT!

I made a point today to make some ME time & I loved it. I have been holding on to a broken lamp base for quite some time now, I loved that little night lamp so much and couldn't part with it after it took a leap off a dresser and fell to its demise. A few months ago, Angela from The Not So Functional Housewife visited here on the blog. She is uber talented and inspired my broken lamp base topiary. You can visit her post and view her topiary tute here.

My Lamp Topiary is full of vibrant fall flowers like orange sunflowers, red poppies, hydrangeas & fall leaves.  She's short and full (kinda like me- ha ha) and a little bit wild.  I love a wild full arrangement.

I gathered up my supplies.  Glue gun, glue stick, broken lamp, Styrofoam circle from a previous "food on a stick" project, scissors & 1 bush of flowers found last week at Walmart.  The colors caught my eye... so beautiful!  Any how, they were Better Home & Garden and were only $4, so this whole project was pretty cheap!

To begin, I popped all of the flower heads off of the stems and cut the cord from the back of the lamp.  All of the parts that made my topiary base resemble a lamp were removed and the Styrofoam ball was glued into place.

I took my time placing the large flowers into place.  No rhyme no reason... just rearranged until I was pleased with the placement.  A helpful hint from ions ago when I worked at a flower shoppe,  Nature looks best in odds.  Odd numbers like 3,5,7 look best.  Take a look at an arrangement from your local florist next time you're there, you'll notice that your main flowers are grouped in odd numbers.  Most flowers seem to bloom with an odd number of petals and grow in odd numbers.  Yes, there's always an exception to the rule so you don't really have to leave me nasty comments if you don't agree.  Just jokin!  Comment away!

So following my "odds rule", I glued the flower heads to the Styrofoam.  Empty spots were filled in with leaves and flowers, some deep pink hydrangea.  The little faux berries were cut down into shorter stems and glued in to add some jazz.  I love the look of the berries sticking out of the tighter flowers, adds some movement and wildness.  I also added some smaller leaves and one hydrangea bud to the base of the topiary as if they fell off of the arrangement (to cover the small whole were the lamp cord was cut off) 

She adds a little pop of color to my secretary desk in the dining room.  She may make her way around the house brightening up corners and tables until she feels at home!

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Alida - Radcrafter said...

Nice work!

I would love to invite you to share this at my Thingamajig Thursday party...http://radcrafter.com/2011/11/thingamajig-thursday-party-2/


Anonymous said...

Nice job, Kim! I love how it turned out! Glad I could inspire you! Thanks for giving me props. I truly appreciate it!

I also wanted to let you know that I have link party on Fridays called Functional Friday... just in case you want to stop by and add your topiary!

The Not So Functional Housewife

trophyw.blogspot.com said...

Great job. I need to add some fallish flowers around my house. Thanks for the inspiration.

andie jaye said...

i actually heard somewhere that you're supposed to use the rule of odds when decorating. it's supposed to make things be more appealing!! thanks for linking this up!

Alida - Radcrafter said...

Thanks for sharing on Thingamajig Thursday!

Hope to see you again soon!


ann said...

I like the arrangement and the mix of color simply beautiful.

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