Thursday, November 3, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover - Parent's Bath #2

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That about sums up the progress (and stress) of my parents bathroom addition.
Work started with a bang and seemed to progress so quickly, we all thought this bath may actually be done in about 2-3 weeks.  Done, fin, Finito.

NAHHH!!! Think again...

It really hasn't been bad.  But between my hubby and brother in law and a friend, each has lives outside of the potty room, and progress has slowed to a snails pace.  My parents are not very happy about living in the "moment" in a home mid-construction (and they are very verbal about that).  They are also a bit ReSiStaNT to change as we are finding out.  Mostly about that dreaded brown 70's paneling. Mostly my Mom... Dad doesn't seem to care about wall color, fixtures, etc... go figure?!?

But slow progress is still progress...  The outter wall is up with the exterior dry wall in place.  The door has been framed but is not in yet.  Yes, the horrid wallpaper is still visible, but look at that floor!  The new bathtub has been placed and the copper piping is there, half way up the wall.

Enter bathroom and look to the left... you will see the peek-a-boo wall into the kitchen.  This wall next to the tub is were a small 24 inch sink is going to live...

Enter and look to the right... and there is the pretty little potty!  Notice the beautiful brown panelled wall with a stripe of the paint color we picked out.  We chose "Pale Honey" from Behr at the good old DePot since Mom had told us she would like yellow.  Such a pretty color.  Long story short, my dear little Momma whom I love so much is so in love with her walls she told me I could not paint them.  So OOOPPSie Daisy... the paint brush kinda attacked.  (Don't worry, she didn't hit me & she wasn't all that mad considering  her wall now really needs to be painted).

BEHR Ultra 8 oz. Pale Honey Interior/Exterior Paint Tester # UL150-12

The color is actually more of a pale yellow than the peachy reference from online.

Seriously now, I don't quite understand (well I do - a little bit) why my parents (or anyone for the matter) are so darn resistant to updating things.  I want to preserve a rustic ambiance there for her but throw in a little chic.  I am just hoping (and praying) that she is happy with everything once it gets finished.

The men will be working again this evening.  The plumbing is all but done.  I know the toilet is hooked to the sewer line, but not flushable yet.  The tub is set to drain but not hooked to water yet.  Keep ya fingers (or knees) crossed that at least one potty project becomes flushable tonight!


Anonymous said...

You can buy an adapter at any good hardware store that will allow a garden hose to connect to the bottom of the utility sinks faucet.

customteddys said...

I say, "lucky parents" to have you all taking the time and energy to update their commode. Lovely work so far. It's fun to watch the progress and your pictures are great.

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