Thursday, November 10, 2011

Give Thanks

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The Thanksgiving Holiday is almost here!  What are you most Thankful for?

It's all too easy to get caught up in the day to day hoopla and forget to give thanks for our many blessings.  I can attest to that.  Mundain chores and anxiety over long 'to do' lists take over and many of us perhaps dwell on what we do not have at the moment.  I am guilty.  I have pledged to myself to stop daily and give Thanks for the many blessings I do have!  Each day until Thanksgiving I will be posting on Facebook those blessings.  I'm inviting you to do the same.  Join me, why don't ya? 

What's that?  You don't follow Tiaras and Bowties on facebook?
You didn't know we were on Facebook?
It's all good... just click on that little tree button in the sidebar and it will take you there!
or... you can just leave me a comment below to share your thanks too!

Seriously,  It's been a rough year for many of us and what better time to simply stop the worry if only for a few moments a day and think about the many blessings each of us has to give thanks for!  I am pledging to do this in the hopes that it becomes a long term habit!    I have been inspired to make a change within myself thanks to my dear friend Andie from Crayon Freckles.  She has a new Sweet November Series to initiate a spiritual, emotional, and mental make-over.  Stop over and visit her for more details!  Also, Jenni from Kissed by a Frog has started a frogalicious movement to a better self as well!  I'm joining the cause!  Won't you?

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