Monday, November 7, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover - The Bath Continues...

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Another weekend has flown by.  Wow, I really cannot believe that it is the second week of November.  I am a bit in shock that Thanksgiving is creeping up so quickly.  I've been attempting to get my dining room 'company ready' even though we will be dining at my sister's home this year.  You just never know when company may come calling and I would like the house to look half decent if they do! 

The parent's bath has been making some true progress this weekend.  The toilet is in and working.  The tub has been in place and the surround was placed this weekend.  The door is up.  Good thing!  Every bath needs a door!  And as much as mom didn't want her paneling painted, she had to admit it looked nice in a good coat (or 2) of pale honey!   The 2 hubs are working hard to get it all done.  My sis and I have spackled and painted our little hearts out!

I just cannot wait til all of the big heavy stuff is done to get in and primp the room out.
(as much as the Momma will allow, anyways).

I thought since I didn't have alot of photos of the bath, I'd show you a few photos of the back yard.   The town I grew up in is quite urban, we are very close to lots of shopping and amenities and is a pretty densly populated area.  But, our part of town remains a very quiet almost rustic setting!  The view out my parents back door is all wooded.  There is even a water fall not too far back from the house.  Growing up, that wooded area was almost magical... we would try to take little hikes when we could.

See that tree trunk there?  Believe it or not, we planted that tree as children with my Dad.  He had found a tiny sapling growing (about as tall as a quarter) while cutting the grass, dug it up and we cared for it til it was big enough to be replanted. 

It grew to be immense!  I tried to capture a photo of it to give you an idea, which was kind of hard to shoot straight up kinking my neck and all!


andie jaye said...

this looks like a gorgeous place to grow up! so peaceful! it just amazes me how the span of a trees life can mirror our own.

customteddys said...

Wow, the sun rays make the tree look almost magical, if you believe in those things :)

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