Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Guess You Can't Win 'Em All

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When I received my new Ballard Design Catalog in the mail last week, I was so inspired!
Fast Forward Halloween and even Thanksgiving to the bestest ever Holiday...EvER!
There isn't much I don't love love love about the Holiday (perhaps all the money that flies out the window kinda stinks) but everything else is wondrous and magical.
Decorating for the Holiday is always fun.  We are a bit traditional as far as our decor goes.  My husbands grandmother passed on soon after Jim and I were married but we inherited a good deal of hand made ornaments crafted by her hands.  I admit, when we first received them I was not all that thrilled (sorry family) because a new young girl on her own (me-kim the crafter) wanted non traditional, non hand made, new stuff for my first tree.  Believe me when I tell you that they have grown on me and I cherish them each year as we place them on the tree.  We also add a little something new each year as our tastes change.  I've done a blue and silver 'area' in my home, purple and silver another year. themed decor like all Santa or Snowmen, but the tried and true deep red and green seem to stick! 

That said, after drooling over browsing the catalog I  have a feeling Christmas may be a bit WiLD this year especially with all of the great animal print inspired decor!  Okay, Okay... just a little bit not full on Jungle Christmas.
Leopard Bow
Cheetah Tree Skirt

Hooray for me, I had just bought an animal print sheet set last week for just $9 (I just knew they would come in handy for something dandy).  Cheetah/leopard type print.  Well, after browsing, I right away thought about making us all coordinating stockings with drop cloth canvas and some animal print.

Easy Peasy!  I set out making my (own) pattern, cut and started to sew the first stocking.  I was amazed and so proud of myself... it was progressing so quickly.

As I turned them right side out and proceeded to fold the cuff down, I realized that something had gone quite wrong!

Bottom of stocking, fine... cuff, inside out!  Hey I told ya all way way back here that I was not a pro sewer,  I kinda just go for it and work it all out.  I know if I used a pattern I might relieve some of my self induced headaches, but that would be too easy, right? 

Christmas is not tomorrow,  it isn't even next week so I know I have time to figure it out.  As frustrating as it is, the words I constantly tell my kids have come back to haunt me... "Guess you can't Win 'em all".

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andie jaye said...

do you think that there's anyway to trim those edges out with some ribbon? hot pink or bright teal or red or whatever tickles your fancy!

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