Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blue Ribbon School

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It was Blue Ribbon Day on Thursday here at Austin's elementary school.   Pretty big deal!  .

For those of you (like me until last week) who may have no idea what being a Blue Ribbon School is all about,  I'll explain.  A Blue Ribbon School is one that has been singled out for national honors because they reflect the goals of our nation's new education reforms for high achievement.  Our principal and one teacher were invited down to Washington DC for the ceremony and we  have some pretty fancy schmancy new flags to display.  Not too bad for a small local elementary school!

While out and about, I tried to capture a photo of a local business that even publically congraulated them.  (The photo is not so good, gloomy day as you can see and I was in the car driving, yikes!)

Congrats to Coebourn Elementary!

My little Sminkster also had his first newspaper article published in the school's Crier.  He and a friend inteviewed the principal and co-authored a short article about the school's yearly theme, "Learning Takes Us Around The World".  Next year my little man moves up to the Junior High (sob sob).  They grow entirely too fast!

I am so proud of him for the person he is becoming and I waned to give him a big shout out here on the blog

The Extreme Bathroom Makeover is still in progress,  I haven't withheld any info from you.  Unfortunately,  tempers have flaired and things have been put on hold for a while.  Anyone attempting to go in and remodel for parents who are resisitant to change, I have some advice for you... think twice about what you are doing.  My sister and I have been reduced to tears over the past few weeks and are just hoping to finish the 'necessities' of the room and move on. 

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andie jaye said...

junior high? he looks so small! and where'd the fo-hawk go? congrats to his school. and i'm so sorry about the bathroom. i know that your heart is in the right place, dear :)

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