Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift Exchange Photos!

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A little while back I joined the Handmade Gift Exchange over at Craftaholics Anonymous!  Entrants were paired up and had time to get to know their partner before crafting a gift for that person!  My new friend Kathi has a blog called Bitsy Pieces.  Her little button is over there on my right side bar!  Getting to know Kathi was such a pleasure.  She is such a fun & vibrant person!  Take a moment and stop by her blog if you can. 
I joined the Gift Exchange

Anyway, while getting to know Kathi, I found out she loves loves loves the colors pink and black (me too!)  She also likes glittery things (much like someone else I know... me).  I agonized over what to do for like ever!  Kathi has such an energy about her... someone who to me is a bit of a free spirit (good thing) and vibrant.  So after much thought I decided to make her a bird silhouette

I first drew the template for the silhouette I had in my head.  Cut it from some pine wood, then primed & Painted it hot pink (what else?) and free hand painted lots of swirls and swooshes (only way I can describe it as of this moment!)

Then, I outlined each swirl and swoosh with a teeny weeny line of glue and added black glitter.  I love it, (the photo is a bit blurry).  I added some fuzzy black trim as a necklace/collar.  Lord, I do hope she likes it!

Kathy in return sent me this:

Imagine that!  A glittered and glammed up cheetah clock!  I am in love!
I am touched that Kathi took the time to check out the blog and to really get to know me!

Kathi also took the time to hand make me a card, a little snowman ornament and a pink angel pin from hot pink ribbon!

Thanks Kathi and Thanks Craftoholics Anonymous!



Twinkle Star said...

Wow, lovely exchange gifts! I really love the bird you made and the Cheetah clock is fabulous! x

trophyw.blogspot.com said...

What a fun idea.

andie jaye said...

this is perfect! you're so intuitive about what people would like! and that clock is so you! thanks for linking up honey!

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