Saturday, December 3, 2011

25 Days of Christmas #3 - Blogshare with Your Momma Said What

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Welcome back to Day #3 of the 25 Days of Christmas Blogshare!  I hope you are enjoying this opportunity to meet some new blogs and the ideas being shared as much as I am!

Participating in Christmas Blogshare!

Today, Breanna from Your Momma Said What is sharing some great ways to Simplify the Holidays!  I am so excited to share because I know my head has been spinning nonstop! 

Breanna shares:

"The Christmas season is thought of as "The most wonderful time of the year". But often times, once that time has arrived, we feel unprepared, stressed out and over burdened!

We pack our schedules with parties, shopping and baking. 

We feel pressure to out do everyone around us with creating the best ever moments, traditions and memories.

This can all be incredibly overwhelming!

And the next thing you know Christmas is a few days away and you haven't done all the things you were hoping to fit in, much less enjoy the activities did accomplish. 

I know for myself, especially with young children I want to provide my children with all the magic that this time of year brings, but in the past I have watched the holiday come and go with nothing crossed off my to-do list and feeling disappointed in myself for falling short.

So how can we fix this??? How can we ensure we enjoy the holidays and accomplish the things that really matter to us?..."

To read more click here to head over to Your Momma Said What!  Hurry, I'll race ya to get there!

Up next on Day #4 will be Happy Go Lucky Harvey with a yummy recipe!  See ya tomorrow.

To view the entire 25 Day line up {click here}

Special Thanks to Sonya from Parga's Junkyard for making this blogshare possible!

Here are a few things that you can do NOW to prepare for Christmas. These are things that will take only a few minutes and ANYONE can do (even if you're not an organizing pro):

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