Friday, October 28, 2011

Quick Note on Hacked Email

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Last night I became aware of a few emails that were sent from my email account in which I did not send.  The offending emails were sent out during the time I was at my daughter's doctors appointments to approximately 6 people including one sent to myself.  I believe my email address has been hacked, but at this time I have no further information.  Please accept my apologies and do not attempt to open the email.  I do not know what the link contained is for and would not trust it. As soon as I became aware of the issue I sent emails to all of the persons who were affected to my knowledge.  If you recieved an email from my personal account before todays date, please take caution with any links involved.

The email had in the subject line: Come on, babe!  Let's do our lives better!

Please know that I have taken all necessary steps to report the issue and change personal information regarding my email account. I may even close the account altogeather because of the violation.

If you recieved the emails, I apologize.  Hopefully we caught it early enough.

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andie jaye said...

oh no! so sorry you had to deal with that. who do you use for email now?

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