Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keepin' it Real!

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It is no secret that I have been very inconsistant with my little old blog here lately.  I wanted to take a "keepin it real" moment and share some heartfelt thoughts with all of you lovelies who have remained here waiting for me.  I am truely blessed by each and every one of you in one way or another, kind words, spritual and creative inspiration and encouragement abound here in blogland.

When I began Tiaras and Bowties I had quite simply set out to 'toot my horn' so to speak, to share crafts and projects in a 'look what I can do'  and  "Wow, ain't I great" fashion.  That's what I thought a successful blog would be all about.  That's all well and good but something is missing.   Although I shared a tiny glimpse of my personal life way back there in the beginning about having a special needs daughter and the stress of a live in MIL, I tried to keep it "light" and "pretty".  That is not what life is like here... there's lots of crazy and crisis amid the paint and glitter.  I always have and still do worry about putting the personal in the blog.  I mean, everyone of us has issues to deal with - does blogland really want to hear what I go through, what I think, what I believe?

                                                                 I really do no have a clue!

I do know that I have not been enjoying myself lately.  The daily stresses have been taking over and I've been quick crafting to get something on here, something to look at, just something.  Don't get me wrong, I love blogging.   I want to blog about what is important to me, and, with any luck it will be something of some value or importance to you as well.  I am a painter and crafter which has been my focus here, but I am also so very much more.   I'm really trying to find balance in my life and have been struggling immensly with that.   Over the next few weeks and months as I work on myself, discovering exactly who I am and what I am about, Tiaras and Bowties may change a bit as well.  For the better I am hopeful. 

So, If I haven't stopped by your blog or you haven't recieved an email from me lately, please know that I have not forgotten you and that I will get back to visiting and building upon our relationships!


Anna@Directions Not Included said...

Big hugs. No one out here is perfect and we all have challenges that we face. I think the most important thing is to be yourself and do and share part of who you are.

customteddys said...

I do understand, totally. I've thought about starting another blog that is more personal, but I'm all of it. I'm my business and I am my personal self. Trying to integrate that into my blog has been an interesting process. Sometimes I'm too scared to write the real stuff, but when I do, funny thing, I get a lot more responses. I think people like us much better when we are real :) Good luck to you in all of it, good and not so good! Vicki

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